Living Arrows 2015 – 19/52

A whole new world.

This describes life for my sweet boy right now. The past few weeks has seen him testing his new skill that is walking, it’s absolutely adorable watching him toddle about, catching his balance, tumbling down then jumping straight back up again. This has also changed the dynamic of how things are now with his big sisters, in the most loveliest way possible. I thought it couldnt get much cuter how they interact with one another, but seeing them now is heart melting. He wants to be everywhere they are, doing everything they’re doing and more. He’s yet to realise that he can’t talk like them, climb as high as them (just yet) or run as fast as them, all in good time though and I know it’s going to be blissful to witness.
I never doubted once how my girls would be with a new baby brother, not ever. They astound me at how caring they are with him, doting, and motherly. This has helped him when it comes to playing in the garden especially as he is a little dare devil, in particular on the slide – he will climb to the top and let go, watch and hold you gaze only to just balance and see the shock in your face, he then giggles and tries not to fall. I was in the kitchen grabbing something the other day, watching my little three playing happily (after being very moody for a few hours!) and I listened from a far.

Yve’s: “Here baby boy, put your foot here”

Phoenix: following her lead, braving the steps and getting his foot caught.
Yve’s: “one foot, two feet, yes you done it!” 

Phoenix: slides dow the slide into her arms.
Yve’s “Mummy, I helped Phoenix get down the slide safely!”
Both of the giggling infectiously.
How gorgeous is this? 
Our Fridays mornings have taken a slightly different turn as well with all this new mobility, it’s been such a lovely thing to spend time seeing him learning, exploring, and having fun. Wether its a trip to the shops, a walk in muddy puddles, rolling around in the park together, chasing a football, it’s all a whole new world for my little pudding. 
Wouldn’t it be amazing to see the world through a child’s eyes again like we once did?
My little Phoenix is growing at such rapid speed, it’s frightening. Like any mother, I want time to slow down just a little. As much as I adore watching him fly so to speak, I just want to encapsulate it all. 
Grasp every moment and rejoice. 
Don’t you just adore black & white conversions?
This image, I couldn’t bring myself to delete. It’s completely out of focus, I was gutted when I realised (this is what happened when self-timer balancing on the grass goes wrong!) Some say only show your best on your blog, but I just wanted to show that I don’t get it right all the time, and for all the images that are in focus, there’s also a few that sadly aren’t! it’s all learning though!
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Living Arrows
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12 Discussion to this post

  1. Charlotte says:

    Such lovely photos. It's SO exciting to see them learn to walk, isn't it? Art is a little behind on the walking front compared to Phoenix, but to see his big sister help him along and see the delight in both their faces is just magical.

  2. Emma T says:

    Aw, gorgeous photos. So lovely when they're toddling, and they always look so funny when a ball's involved too. #livingarrows

  3. Gorgeous photos as usual – lovely to see the little man as the star! I like the bottom photo, you were right to include it! I end up with blurry shots of the best expressions – always the way.

  4. Amy Wharton says:

    These are lovely photos! My little one is so close to walking now so these photos are like a glimpse into my future. I'm excited for her world to open up too. #livingarrows

  5. San King says:

    Ah I love all the photos but my favourite is the last one. Yes it is out of focus and wonky but it is charming. Love love love photos like this. Photos are memories so even if they are a bit blurry, as long as you still get warm fuzzies when you look at them, that is all that really matters. xxxx

  6. Awww Phoenix, so beautiful. These photos are just precious….. how lovely #livingarrows

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