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Ever since all of my littles were born,  they have loved their little comforts. Comforts that have evolved into truly special bonds with something such as teddy bears or blankets. When all three of them were born, they were gifted a lovely blanket each, to which they all loved in their own special ways, They’ve had numerous other special comforts but some just seem to stick around forever right? 
In our case, Let me introduce you to Yve’s ‘Bobbie-bear” which she got at the age of 9 months old at a ‘build a bear’ workshop in Devon, she placed her wish and a heart inside him and their friendship has blossomed ever since, he’s been on every single one of our adventures, weekends away, and holidays. He’s even flown all the way to Turkey with us when holidaying there for a family wedding. He’s been to sleepovers at their Grannies house, show and tell at preschool and not to mention sharing the bed with little Yve’s every night. 
November 2013
April 2013
When expecting our second baby, unknowing to what we were having I wanted to buy a lovely neutral little teddy that Yve’s could give her baby brother or sister when they made their appearance. I walked into Mothercare, spotted this adorable little ‘Lamb”, and couldn’t wait to see Yve’s face once she gave it over as a little ‘hello’ to her new buddy. Little “Lamby” started off being called “lamalamb” to “lamb lamb”, to which she is now known as “lamby”. We nearly lost her for good a year or so ago when I gave her to Halle when at the checkout in Asda, I then walked out the store and she was shouting after her yet I hadn’t realised.. when I did, I rushed back in with her and she was all excited and pointing once she saw Lamby sitting on the checkout! Man, the fear that goes through you when you think you’ve lost your little ones special snuggly toy… What I was at first gutted about but now I absolutely love is that Lamby has got a black tail, we still have no idea why, probably pen, but I can’t remember this happening as it was very early on. but it’s a distinctive little mark which we all now love. Lamby takes pride in Halle’s bed snuggled under her chin nice and tightly. 
May 2012
Halle has always had a huge attachment to my hair, and even Daddy’s hair, oh and Yve’s. It got to the point where she would only like going to sleep when either one of us would be there for her to twiddle our hair, for her to stroke it on her sweet cheeks. She still does this now, whenever she’s feeling a little tired, unsure, or just needing comfort, she will be there, stroking your hair on her neck or cheek and feeling ever so content. As much as we love this, sometimes us parents need an early night (in my case to prepare for some night feeds!) so we needed Lamby to help us out again by being a little comfort for her, and it’s worked a treat. rekindled their love affair above and beyond, such a sweet sight.
November 2013
Along with lots of other little toys that have a set novelty, another little one that has stuck around and now joins ‘Bobbie Bear’ is our little ‘Mimi mouse’. She was a gift to Yve’s from Father Christmas in 2013, she’s cute little thing that both the girls now love and has been on plenty of adventures and trips to pre-school!
November 2014
Now little Phoenix was given a lovely blue fleece blanket, along with a snuggly toy when he was born, and about 8 months ago now, we seemed to have lost both. Grampy then replaced the snuggly blue blanket for a similar one with stars on and this is his absolute favourite thing now. especially when tired, and when he’s having milk & bed time. when he notices it in sight he will point and shout “gah!” My Dad also bought him a lovely Jellykat soft duck which also sleeps in his bed with him each night, he came all the way from Memphis!
This is a bit of a selfish post really, as this just makes my heart happy. I know in years to come my littles may not remember their best snuggly friends and blankets, they might do, I still have a couple of mine, but as time goes on, life gets busy, things change and just takes over. They may not remember the way they felt, so happy and content when in the presence of these simple everyday things. 
I do, and I don’t think i’ll ever forget. 

Do your little ones have a special comfort? 

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Little Jam Pot Life

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  1. Aw this is so lovely Natalie. What gorgeous photos of your little 3 as well. F had a little grey bear which he loved and chewed the nose of every night, so much so that it fell off and was dangerous so he's gone into a box 🙁 I love how Phoenix has a comfort blanket, he looks so cosy it in! What a cutie xx

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