Loving the little things 2015 – 20/52


I treated myself to this book. I’m a huge fan of ‘a beautiful mess’ blog and have their other books too. Looking forward to feeling inspired & doing some more DIY!


I’ve not watched much this week, I’ve been trying to get caught up in my blog, emails and then sleep too so not too much other than the girls asking for  ‘Sabrina the teenage which’, “ring by the bell(saved by the bell)”, and ‘F.r.i.e.n.d.s’!

Moving home had opened my eyes to how much crap I have, but also three pairs of shoes I forgot I had that still have tags on, bonus! The girls are obsessed with the shoe rack at the minute too do at least they’re being worn in 😉
Casual dress and grey skinnies.
My love for these boots, still to be worn yet!
The afternoons are spent emptying the shoe rack while mummy is setting up a craft, oh the irony. 
Our Wednesday’s are my favourite, here’s the girls in their lovely new dresses .
I posted this on my Instagram yesterday, so true. “This one is growing up too fast for my heart to cope with. Four is such an amazing age yet also such a learning curve for us both, she has one of the strongest minds I know of, the most infectious laugh, stubborn just like me & a heart of gold. I just want to encapsulate all of this wonderful parenting journey and keep it forever.” 



I listen to Ben Howard all the time, one of my favourites and this song just reminds me and takes me back to our date in London back in March… The video’s here if you fancy watching 🙂


The girls & I painted this old dolls cot with my Annie Sloan chalk paint in ‘Paris grey’. The mattress cover is also a DIY cath kidston fabric. 
Pesto pasta, love it. 
We got all nostalgic this week, threw it back to our childhoods & introduced the kids to proper egg soldiers or “dippy eggs” as they call them. We’ve been having farm fresh eggs for a good while now and you really can taste the difference to supermarket ones. We’ve also tried ducks & Bantum eggs this week too!
Saw this on Instagram, Best way to look at it, ha…..
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7 Discussion to this post

  1. Beautiful, beautiful little loves, as ever! I love listening to Ben Howard too, his music totally chills me out and it's the perfect sound track to a sunny day. I love what you've written about your 4 year old, I can completely relate, she sounds very similar to my E.
    Have a lovely weekend xx

  2. I love those floral boots!! I love Ben Howard too, and the painted doll's cot looks fab! x

  3. Your kids have great taste in TV! I used to love all those shows. That cot is beautiful and your boots are gorgeous too! Have a great weekend x

  4. Gorgeous pictures.. Dippy egg has to be my all time favourite.. and finally in my 31 years of exisistance I can now make a perfect dippy egg… Looks delicious! Have a wonderful weekend x

  5. Haha, love that last quote Natalie! I absolutely LOVE those flowery boots, where are they from? Dippy eggs are the best, we recently introduced F and S to them and as a result they've become a favourite teatime option. Never tried a duck egg yet though! *adds to list* x

  6. Loving the boots!! That book looks really good, the perfect coffee table book! God those shows take me back, coming home from school and Saved by the bell would be on TV!! love it. Love a dippy egg, my daughter calls them "dip,dip,dip". Hope ye all have a lovely weekend xxxx

  7. What a lovely thing to do with your girls, the cot looks great. I'm in love with the photo of you all in your forgotten shoes… so cute. Great boots by the way xx #littleloves

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