Siblings 2015 – May

The past month I have seen the relationship between my little three blossom and change in lots of different ways. The closeness still remains, but I am also seeing how the ages are complimenting one another and how they bounce off each other (sometimes literally!). I love to watch how they play so nicely in the garden – most of the time except from the odd bicker over who’s going on what bike, scooter for example. As the weather has been showing us lots of glorious sunshine days, we’ve been making the most of the water table and having water fights, enjoying exploring for worms and ants they call ‘Betty’.
Something we really enjoy in our house hold is baking. Especially when Phoenix goes for an afternoon nap, the girls and i love to get creative and bake. I usually set up and let them crack on with it but also sometimes joining in on the fun. I just love to see how they interact, chatter and giggle. Dont get me wrong, like most siblings, they do have their moments as they are so very much alike, yet also have the differences, and the slight age gap. 90% of the time though its amazing to see how they are with each other, and when Phoenix was born he just moulded into the mix so well. They knit together so well transforming from a duo to trio and i just know they’ll always remain a strong unit.
I do feel a shade of guilt sometimes when I think about how close they are, and that I wonder if they get enough time individually, one on one time and just to know that as much as they are close siblings, they are also equally different people. This is something we really think about lots and never want them to feel that one is either loved more than the other, or that one doesn’t deserve a bit of one to one time. We try our best to schedule this time, even if most the time they do wonder where the other is and wants them to join in. We give them the opportunity to see if they would like to do something alone without leaving out the others, but ultimately these three love to be in each others company. When Yve’s it was preschool util 3pm on Thursdays (which she loves) Halle is always asking what time we are picking her up. Every single morning other than Fridays when Halle joins her at preschool, all three of them have this huge embrace in front of the whole class and smother each other in lots of kisses, so sweet! On the days that Yve’s is in preschool, I have seen the blossoming bond between Halle and Phoenix grow much stronger, Its almost as if history is repeating itself like when Yve’s and Halle were those ages, incredible really.
With the madness moments where the girls in particular are clashing, or just annoyed with the lack of sharing, or taking over a game they have a little shove or a ‘you just wont come to my birthday party then, or you’re not my best friend now’ (not sure where they’ve got this from) but within a short amount of time they are back together, rekindling and saying sorry for mean words or actions. Not to mention that if anyone approaches them in a nice or unkind way, they are the first to be there, standing side by side and introducing their sister with a “this is MY sister, her name is..” all proud as punch, and also laying down a little authority in a nice way f course, but just a ‘im here too to protect her!’. The same goes for Phoenix. All of them really, it’s hard to out into words and im probably rambling here now, I just love how they are always there for each other regardless, and i think this is such an amazing aspect to have at such a young age.Oh and it would a rarity if you didn’t see the girls showering master P with lots of affection, hugs and kisses!

They’re finding it so funny now he’s on the move, he’s into everything and they’re loving bringing him in on the games, crafts and mischievous antics, sometimes much to my despair – hello pens on walls! lucky we’ve not painted the area yet! Phoenix has recently mastered the art of climbing up the top of the slide and going down, its taken him about a week of practise, a few falls but he always has the mothers next to him helping, saving or just there to hold a hand. He’s a little dare devil just like the girls, standing at the top waiting to jump!

‘Like branches on a tree, we grow in different directions.
Yet our roots remain as one.
Each of our lives will be a special part of another.
A bond that will last for eternity is the closeness of siblings.’

Linking up with the lovely Lucy from Dear beautiful, head over there to see so many beautiful bloggers and their siblings, and send Lucy a wonderful congratulations on her 3rd pregnancy news 🙂
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  1. Caro Davies says:

    Aww such gorgeous pics — I especially love the one of your girls by the door! Gorgeous cheeky faces! #Siblings

    Caro |

  2. Carie says:

    Aww I love the "you can't come to my birthday party" threat, Kitty and her friends use that one at nursery and it does make me giggle! Your siblings posts always seem to me a little glimpse into our future a few more months down the line and like your girls, my two are as thick as thieves, it's lovely to see!

  3. Aww so cute, I love the 'mothers' being their looking after him. These photos are just precious. #siblings

  4. So sweet that they mother him. And he is very clever for learning to go down the slide already! My 3 year old daughter likes telling ME that I can't come to her birthday party and telling her daddy that he's not her best friend any more.

  5. Colette B says:

    They all look so busy together x

  6. Lovely photos! Love the one of your girls standing by the door 🙂 #siblings

  7. Gorgeous photos! It's great that you spend some one-to-one time with them all at some point. It's really important to get that individualised attention sometimes. My little boy craves get me or hubby on our own now and again. I LOVE the quote at the end! 🙂 x

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