Beautiful boy in ‘The land of Nod’ – Featuring the Cosatto story cot bed.

A few months a go we were talking about putting Phoenix in with the girls to see if this would help his sleeping patterns at night. Little did we know that we would be moving to our new home very soon also which happened to have an extra bedroom. This made sense in that he would then get his very own bedroom while the girls still enjoy sharing. With all three of our littles, we have always done a mixture of a cot, and co-sleeping, as this is whats suited us the most. It still does, but more than likely these days, the girls are quite content in their beds and Phoenix is adjusting very well, if not better in his new room. He is still waking once a night but I think this is still due to teething, something that is short lived and I know we’ll get through it, other than that he loves getting into bed each night with his blanket, all snuggled and cosy.
So I was really thrilled when Cosatto kindly offered to send us this story cot bed in the ‘owlet’ colour scheme.  It’s been a very big roller coaster moving into our new home hence the lack of decoration in his new bedroom, due to us needing to do a lot of work around the house including sound-proofing some walls before painting. We also made the kitchen renovation a priority as it was very poor before moving in. Regardless though, we’ve made his room as simple and sweet as possible for right now, and with this cot it makes it look a lot more nicer. 
I can’t wait to share with you all the updated version of his bedroom soon!
When it came to putting the cot together, I left this project for Mr B to see to as I would want it to be safe for Phoenix and I’m not as good as him to say the least! He is a carpenter/ kitchen fitter by trade and he was very impressed with the packaging, and the fixings kits. He said that its such a pain when usually the screws fall out the box not secured to anything & you end up spending an hour trying to sort them out before even starting to fix the cot together. As well as the cot itself, it comes with a really lovely and handy top-changer which is very sturdy and has a brilliant storage compartment at the front which is great for putting the nappy changing stuff ready when needed, and especially if baby has done a massive poo explosion! along with this, an underneath storage draw is included which is such a nifty element to the package. I loved arranging and Phoenix’s clothes all neatly and hoping it would help me be more organised when getting ready each morning, its certainly helped! 
I have some beautiful plans in my head for the way I want to decorate Phoenix’s room, The Owl design and mint colour are two of my favourite things, Owls have been a little ‘thing’ in our family since Yve’s was born as she always loved her little owl toy, we’ve also got owl themed things over the years that all three of them have grown to love, so this cot made sense all right! The mint is very fresh, and also neutral, something I have always loved. We have always preferred neutral things for our littles, especially when small babies, and if we were to have another baby, this would be a treasured cot to keep. I am planning on keeping the house very bright, with only pops of colour and accessorises, so this cot fits well to the theme. The made change is going to be that awful carpet! bleurgh.

1 – Ease of use 9/10

As mentioned before, Mr B found the product very well to fit together, the only thing he did mention was that he did need to tighten a little bit more using his drill as it seemed a little loose. Other than that we are really impressed with the use. I find it really handy having the stable cot top changer as Phoenix is still in nappies, very helpful when finishing the bath routine and getting ready for bed. The under draw is really fab, not flimsy at all like i’ve had before and hold the amount of clothing with ease.

2 –  Features and benefits / functions of the product 10/10

The functions of the product as i’ve mentioned above are wonderful. they compliment each other well, and i’m really pleased that the product comes including the changer & drawer. These two things you don’t usually get in a cot purchase and have to buy separately. The cot also has teething rails which is always a brilliant factor when you have… a teething baby! especially one that likes to chew every. thing. thats’s, not. edible.
Aside from this, the design is one that i’ve never seen before, I adore the colours available, and the patterns too. I know that if Yve’s wasn’t coming up five, she would ask for the ‘red babushka version’!, a slight Russian doll obsession!

3 –  Value for money 8/10

The retail price of this product is £450. This may seem pretty steep but I think if you take into consideration that it comes with a cot top changer, and the under draw storage draw it works out to be pretty fair. What I think its also a valid point to make is that this particular cot lasts to the age of 5. So even if your sweet baby isn’t sleeping right now at least you’ll know that once they are it will still be able to use. I know that Phoenix will be trying to climb the cot rails in a few months (he’s now nearly 16 months old) so we will be transforming the cot into the ‘drop down side’ method which looks like a lovely little day bed.

He’s asleep in there somewhere, snuggled in his best blanket!..
And a few phone images.
The cot top change is a delight to use, very sturdy too.
Phoenix is absolutely ‘tool crazy’ at the minute, so he was so eager to help Daddy when putting the cot together!
I absolutely love that this hand knitted blanket from Phoenix’s Great-Nana matches the colour of the cot. 
I am super-duper impressed with the storage draw underneath, very spacious, the use is very easy and not stiff like some i’ve had before, and I find it just so useful when you have so many baby clothes!
And a little movie of the beautiful and stylish Cosatto story cot bed in use.
{Music – john Lennon – Beautiful boy} one of my favourite songs. 
Disclosure: We were very kindly sent this cot bed for review purposes, but all honest opinions, images & film are my own.
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  1. What a beautiful cot! Love the colour and he looks so cosy in it! what a cute video! x

  2. What a beautiful cot! Love the colour and he looks so cosy in it! what a cute video! x

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