We heart our Wednesdays.

Each Wednesday to us means no schedules, no pre-school runs, no stress – most of the time.
We sometimes struggle to think of what to do, but since moving home we are now in a better location, which happens to be walking distance to one of our favourite local parks, cake shops, and ‘hot chocolate cafes’. Now the weather is turning brighter, with the odd day where it’s not so great but, we are embracing it. We love to leave the house, walk up to the park & just take it as it comes. Sometimes on the scooter, or just simply running in fancy dresses.
Last week was when the girls decided that they wanted to be ‘Elsa & Anna’ going on an adventure to the park with their rainbow powers. We took a de-tour on the way home, walked the other way and through a sight which the girls often ask about – the place in which they were born. They would say “Mummy, whats that big building there?” and this week, we got the chance to see it, a little life education for them, and a little walk of nostalgia for me! Not only was this the place my babies were born, but when I was Mama to just Yve’s, and when living at my Dads, we would walk this way every single Wednesday to our little under 1’s baby group, it really hit home to me in that moment of just how fast time has gone. My baby is almost 5 at the end of October, and I have two more beautiful babies to fit the mould, now sharing the same walk and experiences. Funny how a simple walk can release so many emotions and memories, in a magical way.
More about ‘our Wednesdays’, the other week we got absolutely drenched by a huge rainfall but this didn’t dampen the spirits, we embraced it and even had fun in the puddles, I think that’s what I love best about our Wednesdays, is that we have no plans really. we just go with the flow and usually the girls do love the ‘healthy walk’ to the park, they love to get their dose of ‘exercise’ as they say!
This Wednesday however, the sun was shining, so out we went to grab a cake, hot chocolate & pop to the park for a dose of play. Sadly, there wasn’t space for us to sit in for a hot choc, but we still had a fab morning and even had our little mini picnic! I love to watch my little three play together, they really do bounce off one another, watch out for one another and just enjoy each others company.
Sitting back and watching my three play is one of the best blessings I will ever have.
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  1. I love days where we have nothing to do but go out and have fun! Looks like you had a lovely time, and how nice to be close to great places like that!

  2. Oh I love days like this, Gorgoues photos {as always!} xx Popping over from #ordinarymoments linky xx

  3. Carie says:

    That sounds like the most perfect way to spend a Wednesday! I love our unstructured days, I think probably most of all because I know that as school approaches in September those days are numbered!

  4. What beautiful photos. I'm loving that you were able to reminisce with all your little ones in tow, how magical. Your Wednesdays sound just perfect #ordinarymoments

  5. This is so lovely Natalie 🙂 your Wednesdays with your lovely littles sounds bliss! I'd love to live somewhere where we could just be spontaneous, take a walk out and see where the mood takes us! I feel inspired to take F out for a little picnic now if the weather up here ever improves! Gorgeous photos xx

  6. Such beautiful photos Nat and isn't it so lovely now the weather is a bit nicer? Wednesdays is our day of fun as well, bar baby ballet we have no plans and it's great to figure out something to do each week. You look like you had a lot of fun. x

  7. Love days like that, I'm looking forward to starting Maternity Leave in July so me and my girl can have days like this before her baby brother arrives. Looks like you live in a stunning location.

    Kay xxx


  8. Mary Smith says:

    I always struggle with wednesdays too for stuff to do haha but your day looks perfect. The pics are so beautiful x

  9. This looks like a lovely day, and such beautiful photos. Your little ones look so free and happy xx

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