Living Arrows 2015 – 20/52

When it comes to stories, my littles have always loved them since birth.

In particularly, my girls. They’re that little bit older to understand the magic of stories now and as they have always been close, they’ve enjoyed this passion together. Most afternoons, they love nothing more than snuggling up on the sofa together with some of their favourite books. I remember this aspect about my childhood, especially my memories reading with my little sister. I’m ten years old than her but despite the big gap, I remember those little moments of reading her stories, snuggling up together, feeling that warm fuzzy feeling of that strong sibling bond, and doing all the things my little do right now.

 Phoenix is at that age where he likes to listen, but his attention span can’t last much longer than one read of ‘Postman bear’, a cute little book with page flaps, bright colours and the fact that it isn’t a long one. He enjoys having stories read in small doses, but i’m almost certain that within time, his love of stories will grow like his big sisters.

Aside from this, we do all love the huge family bundles with stories, but moments like these where my girls are in their a magical zone, their own little bubble fit for two in which they will get lost in a book – together
Friday afternoon I picked up a few new books from the charity shop at a complete bargain! I got 7 books for about £2. One of those that really caught my eye was a ‘Wheres Wally’ book. Now I remember having these as a kid, and loved them, so I thought i’d see if they would to. These girls love a challenge, & with the added adventure that Wally goes on, I think it’s safe to say that they loved it. Children thrive off of knowing when they have achieved something so I think this book is a really good positive to their book collection, plus – Yve’s is a mastermind at it now!

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Living Arrows
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  1. I love all of these. Just beautiful. Where's Wally were my favourite books when I was younger. I still like to do them now and feel really proud of myself when I find him. Haha (shhh… don't tell my husband). Great captures #livingarrows

  2. Absolutely stunning captures. They look like best friends and so sweet that they are reading together. Where's wally is our favourite book too. #livingarrows

  3. So beautiful Nat- my girls, especially Mads loves to get lost in a book- just iike her Mummy! x

  4. Ah, such lovely photos, I especially love the black & white x

  5. Such a beautiful capture Natalie. Gorgeous pictures and precious moments. Often they don't need fancy toys, just a book and a friend to share it with x

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