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When expecting our first baby, I was constantly reading online about ‘what I will need’, ‘what to pack for my hospital bag’ – the ‘essentials’. My sister in law then mentioned to me that I would need a lot of muslin cloths for breastfeeding, if thats the feeding route I was going to take, at the time I was still skeptical about the whole breastfeeding thing, a baby feeding from my boob – but, a big but – was the lack of knowledge at the time. My Mum never breast fed me, or my siblings, neither did her Mum and so on. To them (with the lack of glorious knowledge) breastfeeding wasn’t the ‘done’ thing. I had other ideas, I started attending my local Baby Cafe with my partners cousin to gain this sought after knowledge, to learn more for myself and more importantly – my unborn baby. 

So when my beautiful baby girl was born, with so much help & support from my Amazing partner, Family, wonderful sister in law, and my partners cousin, and plenty of baby muslins – My baby girl & I overcome 10 weeks of an utter ordeal. I was in constant pain, mastitis, bite wounds and just an emotional roller coaster if i’m honest. I think one of the best things they say you need for breastfeeding in those early weeks and months is Muslins, along with a good nipple cream, massive supply of breast pads and plenty of tea & cake 😉
This now leads me to these beautifully designed muslins I was sent from the very kind team Babymoov. There’s a wonderful story & initiative behind this brand which I liked from the start. check out their website to find out more! The Muslin packs come in a variety of designs – I chose to sample the ‘Dandy chic’ set, as I think this suits my boy very well. The great thing with baby muslins is they are incredibly adaptable. They have more than one use that is for wiping baby milk dribble. I have found the uses come in handy over the first year of life & beyond. My littles are 4 and a half, almost three and 15 and a half months and they have all used muslins for one thing or another. 

Heres some examples.

1. Milk dribble/burb cloth.
2. To shield a hot seat in the sun, or even shady spot.
3. A comforter.
4. A picnic blanket for your littles, or to set up our favourite – Teddy bears picnic!
5. A sun shade over the pushchair.
6. A sun hat for baby.
7. A baby neckerchief/bib.
8. Peekaboo play blanket.
9. To cover a feeding baby from sunny weather.
10. A wash cloth for baby, child or Mum!
11. A fun hide out/den!
A side note: with my first little girls, we did a little diy tie dye with our plain muslins. A great way to personalise your own.
The gorgeous sets from Babymoov For £19.99 you get three in a pack, two 60cm x 60cm and one larger one at 80cm x 80cm. Along with the choice of three beautiful and unique designs, I think they would make a really thoughtful and fantastic gift for a new mum!
I was very kindly sent this set for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, opinions are my own. Aside from the Babymoov logo, all images are my own.
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    Aw love the print of this one! x

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