Loving the little things 2015 – 21/52


No book photos but… here, have some flowers, I found these in my garden the other day – stunning!

I’ve been reading more of my ‘blog life’ guide I got from A Beautiful Mess, along with some reading in the bath and any spare five minutes of Sarah Ockwell-Smith’s: A guide for calmer toddlers, and happier parent’s. I love reading about child development, and it helps a lot in the way we parent. I feel we are very relaxed parent’s, we want to raise our children in a home filled with un-conditional love, understanding & togetherness. I remember reading so many books when I first became a Mama, and I learned half way through that I had wasted my money. I’m am really impressed with this lady’s books so far as I feel she really thinks outside the box yet with such simplicity and a lot of understanding, explained really well. 
I got the sleep book, and this one as Phoenix’s sleep was unsettled, well he’s never “slept through”, but she gives such great advice which soothed my thoughts (and tired eyes). I got the ‘toddlercalm’ as sometimes I feel like I wish I knew how to handle the ‘meltdowns’ a lot better, have more understanding. I’m not blowing my own trumpet, but I feel we deal with them very well, or at least 95% of the time. Sarah really covers the misunderstood elements of childhood development, how they’re not just doing it to wind us up (most of the time, toddlers are pretty smart too!) Little Halle is such an emotional girl, all round. she is the most loving, yet when she wants to – can be super fierce. that saying “Though she be but little, she is fierce” springs to mind. I’m just forever wanting to make sure I’m doing my best for them, myself and our family. and a little light reading in a good book does wonders sometimes, clarifies how I may feel or just a good excuse to get lost in a book!
I’ve been watching Eastenders a few nights, haven’t in ages. it’s a guilty pleasure even if the storylines are pants half the time. Bring back the 90’s Eastenders I say! πŸ˜‰


Rubbish photo, but i Haven’t had chance to snap any photos of my outfits this week, I’ve been so busy and as i’m typing this i’m praying for my bed as i’ve been so unwell today, I’ve been wearing these sandals a fair bit when the weather has been dry, i’m still not brave enough to get my legs out as they are ghostly! I know it defeats the object, but I will have to put some sun in a bottle on I think as they just don’t tan fast! (they don’t seem to do anything in UK summers!)
They’re a little bit big, but I got Phoenix these little hunters in the sale for Β£12 when he was tiny, I can’t believe he can wear them now. How adorable!
The girls have been wearing their adorable dresses again, they’re lush as they have little hearts on the back! you’ll see them here in this post.


I am a huge fan of Ella Eyre, her husky yet powerful voice is so amazing, she kind of reminds me of Etta James. this version of ‘together’ is stunning, and the cover of Sia’s ‘elastic heart’ – uh-maz-ing….And can we please take time to appreciate her hair? I want!

I’ve recently joined Spotify, and finding some beautiful music, especially this my Lotte Kestner. What a beautiful version of ‘Halo’.


I’ve been collecting this lot for a while, finding little bits for the girls as they love role play and especially shops & libraries! I remember this as a kid too, so it was magical to watch.
We’ve made gluten-free shortbread, which exploded in the oven to one massive shortbread. I thin kit was the difference in flour! whoops…
I also made a little movie for our Cosatto cot review, not a vlog as i’m not that brave but a little snippet along with some photos of my boy snoozing!

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  1. Louisa says:

    Parenting books weren't really a thing when my eldest was a toddler but I could really have used then with him, especially around sleep issues. It's a great idea to collect boxes for playing shops, the little ones you can buy always fall apart. I haven't watched Eastenders for years, Emmerdale is my guilty pleasure. Have a great half term x

  2. I love that Roald Dahl quote at the end-perfect! Also loving your sandals and the idea of shortbread (B's favourite). Have never attempted to bake it though. Sound like you've had a lovely week, enjoy the bank holiday x

  3. I love that version of Halo! My husband put it on our holiday playlist when for when we went to Watergate Bay and I just adore it.
    Sorry to read that you're feeling poorly, hope you get some rest and feel better soon xx

  4. Shauna Clark says:

    I love Sarah Ockwell-Smith, she's fantastic! Such a breath of fresh air from the likes of GF! My youngest still doesn't sleep through at almost 2, and at times it's so blimmin' hard, but I still prefer to use gentler methods and some understanding. It's nice to see some of those types of books on the market at last!

    Loving the Hunter wellies too!

  5. Love the Roald Dahl quote! Sorry to hear you have not been well, sucks when your ill! I have not watched Eastenders in years! Have a wonderful back holiday weekend xx

  6. Clarina S says:

    That quote is fabulous… I saw it on your instagram feed and loved it! The book sounds right up my street… Might need to try it out! Hope you feel much better soon.x

  7. I love your choice of music. Hope you feel better soon. We make a lot of gluten-free things for our aupair and the flour really does make a differece. I adore that quote, I've taken a pic and may tag you in my instagram. Make sure you rest up xxx enjoy bank holiday (hope you're not too unwell) #littleloves

  8. Alice says:

    Aww those wellies are so sweet, and that little role play idea is such a great one, and lovely that it's real things, not all plastic stuff. Hope they enjoy it πŸ™‚ get well soon, have a restful weekend xx

  9. Charlotte A says:

    Love that last quote. I really need to check out that book. As a general rule I don't read books or websites about parenting but I am struggling a bit with understanding this age and I don't always feel like I'm handling Elsa in the best way. Perhaps this will help πŸ™‚

    Have a good weekend xxx

  10. I hope you've woken feeling much better. I love that pillow and coffee picture. Huge fan of dreamy photo's like that! Yay for sandals weather. I've dared to bear leg and felt a little conscious of my ghostly looking legs so as you say I donned the tan in a bottle. Yay for that too. Great little round up #LittleLoves x

  11. Love that quote, so true! Ha ha I love that other people have baking accidents like I do – my shortbread has done that once or twice before too! Have a great weekend x

  12. I love those little wellies – so cute! I braved sandals today for the first time and then was near frozen! Still too early for me! Hope you are having a fab week x

  13. Sarah Ockwell-Smith is great isn't she? I'm not a massive fan of parenting books and never really found one that worked for me, but I love her philosophy. We try to follow a similar approach here. That quote is brilliant! #littleloves

  14. I think I may need to get that book on Calm Toddlers! Off to find it online!! Love your sandals! Was pissing myself laughing at your exploding Shortbread!! I'm sure it tasted delicious either way! Have a lovely week xxx

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