{Ordinary Moments 2015} – 21/52 – Family days, farms & fun.

Two weeks ago, the same weekend in which I turned 26 (gulp!), We were invited by some family members for a fun filled day at this wonderful farm, and to celebrate our nephews 4th birthday. The littles had a blast, but i’ll share some of our day out as a family once the party had finished. We spent almost all the day there, exploring the animal feeding centres, stroking the bunnies which the girls really loved! At Odds farm, they have activities all day, such a variety, something going on in all areas. They have little shows where they talk about the different breeds of goat, the girls found it so funny that one goat was named ‘Elsa’, & another shared the same name as the birthday boy! 
When we had finished the party, & looking at all the animals, we decided to go to the play areas. Theres a big soft play area indoors, and a wonderful park/sandpit area too. Theres a lot of little places where you can ride little cars or pretend tractors. We were very fortunate that the weather was on our side, and has been each time we’ve visited this park. We highly recommend coming here for a family day out, simple yet lots of family fun to be had. 
Days like these are ordinary for us when we get them. it’s all about enjoying being with each other and treasuring every minute be it as simple as a day at home or at a farm. I loves spending days out like this with my family, it’s lovely to experiences with them, but to also watch how happy our little three are when doing their own thing in new spaces. Climbing another higher level on a climbing frame, building a bigger sandcastle, walking and running about – which Phoenix wasn’t doing the last time we visited here. Its just incredible at how things change in a few months, and that a place can hold many memories for you and your family already.
Typical example of Mama not getting in front of the camera, but still some lovely photos of our day, the littles really enjoyed themselves. The last time we came here, Phoenix was a few months old so it was lovely him experiencing it in another light and along with him now walking & exploring it all!
I seem to have lost an image of Halle, gutted. but here’s a round up & a little film to go with it too. 
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  1. Carie says:

    Oh wow what an incredible farm – it looks like so much fun for all of you! And I know what you mean about just being together and exploring together being the best sort of fun – I'm always happiest when we're together as a five 🙂

  2. Such sweet photos! Looks like your little ones had a great day at the farm. How cute is Phoenix's yellow rain jacket! I've only visited Odds Farm once before, and it was being renovated, so I really want to go again now! x

  3. Lovely photos Natalie, Phoenix is looking so big now and so like his sisters! Sounds like a great day out with a lot to do, we are enjoying getting out a but more now that the twins are old enough to experience more, it really does make a massive difference to your day! xx

  4. Mary Smith says:

    Looks so gorgeous and joyful. Fab pics. Glad that you had a lovely time x

  5. Alex Gladwin says:

    Gorgeous photos. I think farm days out as a family are among the best, I love love love taking Ethan to see all the animals. In fact, your post and photos have inspired me to go – perhaps this week! x

  6. Ah I loved the video Nat, so gorgeous. As are the photos. We have a similar place near us actually and we need to go back there soon, the girls love it. x

  7. Such lovely photos! I think going to the farm is just the most fun – I can't wait until Zach is older so I can take him to see all of the animals! xx

  8. What a beautiful post. I love all your photos Natalie, this looks so much fun. I'm going to go and watch the video now xxx #ordinarymoments

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