Living Arrows 2015 – 21/52

I wrote recently about ‘our Friday mornings’, how Phoenix & I love to spend time just relaxing together while the girls are at pre-school together. Sometimes this involves a Mama-son hot chocolate date followed by a trip to one of our favourite local parks. As little chap is blossoming every single day with his walking, I like to get him out as much as possible, he thrives on being outdoors, space to play and more importantly to explore.
I think being around nature is one of the biggest learning points for little ones, I know my three love to be outdoors, whatever the weather, going on adventures, tea parties in a field of flowers, Gruffalo trails in the woods etc. More recently, their Grampy got them a nature book so they’ve enjoyed going on nature trails, or pretend treasure hunts too. 
As ffor my little Phoenix, just touching, smelling and experiencing the whole new world is something amazing for him, and even more amazing for me to witness. An innocent pair of eyes, seeing everything for the first time.
The possibilities are endless as long as you keep the magic alive to fuel their imaginations.
Tiny first shoes
 Hot chocolate love
This little chap is obsessed with ‘birdies’.
 Cheeky boy
 Swing obsession
 Nothing sweeter than chubby baby legs

In his element

 I love to see him explore everything
 Buttercup observation
 Giving mama flowers
 Amazed at the ‘fairy wishes’.
 Find the beauty in everything.
 I spotted this cute little spot at our local park, must take the girls here for a picnic!
 “Do you like butter?”
 Out of focus, balancing on the pushchair but I love this picture of us two.
 I have a thing for flowers
 Pretty trees are a great sight
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Living Arrows
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8 Discussion to this post

  1. Carie says:

    Wow what a gorgeous spot in the park, you have to take the girls there before it gets mown!!

  2. He's so cute, I love how he walks (I watched the video from the farm) his little shoes are adorable. Stunning photos as always #ordinarymoments

  3. Jennifer says:

    Phoenix is beyond precious. So so sweet. Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing! #livingarrows

  4. What a lovely adventure. I agree with you about the kids being around nature, they always notice things we don't see. That's a great photo of you two considering the camera was balancing on the buggy!

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