Let them be little – Closeness with babywearing

With each of my babies, babywearing is something we have always loved. Each of them has loved the closeness, the being as high up as me , being so close to my beating heart and probably the smell of breast milk. But its been more than that. it’s been a journey, three individual babywearing journeys. We’ve been to so many places, experienced so many things all including this wonderful little thing.

I love how it can help to soothe your baby when they’re feeling a little out of sorts, the way it makes them feel safe & sound under Mama’s chin, better than sometimes lugging all the pushchair equipment out just for a little trip. It’s helped us to enjoy more moments together with free hands while climbing rocks, helped me when getting three little ones out of the car all at once, a lovely little place for your baby to have a nap when all you want to do is still join in with your other childrens games.

The baby carriers that I’ve loved and still love are my Boba 3g, and my Liberty sling (very similar to a Moby wrap). Each of these have so many benefits to each age group, the wrap is a lot better for smaller babies, where as my Boba 3g has served my littles from about 5 months old – now! Yve’s had such tired legs back in November 2014 when we was in Mudeford running across the beach, she was just 4 then but she just wanted a little snuggle in the carrier on Daddy’s back, its great as well because when you lift them up in your arms, they feel so heavy, yet with a carrier the weight just shifts evenly easing a nice carry – as their Daddy says!
Some people like to speculate with the whole ‘babywearing’ thing. “oh only hippies do that”, “What type of parenting do you do then”? – my response…
Our style.
Baby wearing is something that has fitted in with our family, it’s not been to match a parenting ‘style’, to copy anyone, its not been done against anyones will, to keep a child from running off, limiting exploration. its simply been done because our little ones at some stage have loved that closeness. The same goes with our choice of pushchair, I specifically chose a parent-facing one as I love to interact with my babies when out & about. Babies and children are only small for a short while, why would you want to constantly face them outward when you could be connecting with them, having a giggle, singing to them? This is all my personal preference of course and its one thats suiting us. 
I love how effortless babywearing is once you’ve got the hang of it, it is a little daunting at first with the techniques but with practice its a ball. It has helped me a million times when doing the preschool runs, faffing about with a pushchair in the rain isn’t fun for anyone so to simply put on a comfy carrier, is a godsend. We still get some comments, some people have even laughed at Mr T setting up the baby wrap, at “how much of a faff it is”, or ” its a hippy trend’. Maybe its the lack of experience or knowledge, but I think it’s been one of the biggest investments we’ve made in our little family, it’s enabled us to have lots of little adventures and helped with everyday life along with experiencing the closeness.
I really enjoy baby wearing, and even though all of them prefer to run about these days, I love to remember all the moments of closeness that we shared together.
Yvie with Daddy on the way to Devon 2011.
Mummy & Halle enjoying the snow January 2013
 Mummy & Phoenix – Bognor Regis, August 2014
Daddy & Phoenix, Mudeford – November 2014
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Little Jam Pot Life
Little Jam Pot Life

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  1. sophieis.com says:

    I couldn't agree with you more! I absolutely love wearing my now-toddler, and have done since he was five weeks old. Looking back I just wonder why it took me so long!! Now that he's two we rarely make it through an outing without people passing judgement – from concern for my back to insisting he should be walking (weird I've never heard anyone say that when a toddler's in a pushchair…). I've decided it's them that are missing out. As you so eloquently put it there is nothing quite like the closeness of wearing your baby, and I hope I'm going to be able to continue to do so for a long time to come. x

  2. Donna says:

    Awwww I miss babywearing. They were some of my favourite times, such closeness x

  3. I have loved babywearing with my two, so totally agree! I had a Beco baby carrier, which was so comfy for me, and super snuggly for them…especially in winter with a blanket wrapped around! x

  4. I loved babywearing so much, didn't know about it with Cherry which is a real shame as it makes life so much easier and being in a constant cuddle with a warm baby is the best feeling ever! x

  5. Shauna Clark says:

    I wore my youngest. It's the only way to get things done with other young ones isn't it?! Seeing a little one all squished up in a moby always makes me broody. We hardly carry her now she's nearly two, and she's outgrown our madame goo goo mei tie. But we're definitely investing in another carrier for our holidays in a few weeks. Love baby wearing <3

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