Loving the little things 2015 – 22/52


This week i’ve read a mixture of things really, snippets of the Mollie Makes social media edition, some of the parenting books I mentioned last week, along with a few blog posts. I loved Katie’s post called ‘A week in our lives’, I love doing posts like these as they really do make you remember all those little things in between the big moments. adding video & film is the cherry on the top of the story in my eyes. I loved reading a few of the people who have linked up to my ‘Let them be little’ project. here’s the lovely Amelia’s post about her little chap creating little adventures at home, my kiddies love doing this so it was a lovely read for me. I also really loved reading Kerri-Ann’s post about her little boy and how people can easily speculate about his gender because of his hair, I’ve had this with all of my little ones, and especially my little Phoenix as he has his wispy little flicks of hair, big gorgeous blue eyes, long lashes and a cute little dimple, but somehow some people associate these things with being a girl….

I haven’t watched much this week to be honest, we watched a movie the other night which was actually quite good starring Kate Hudson, called ‘Good People’. The girls have enjoyed watching some of our little films, Phoenix has too, and he gets so excited and emotional when he sees Daddy on the screen!


Yve’s & Mama hot choc & cake date. a little de-tour through a pretty church yard at her request, running through the flowers. She chose her own outfit with the added Anna cape, we had such a lovely couple of hours together hand in hand.
I still haven’t braved my ghostly legs out in public, so its been the black skinnies, and my lovely new top from river island.
We went to one of my new friends 30th birthday meal & drinks on Saturday evening, I was planning on wearing heels and a new dress but I was having a ‘feel sorry for myself day, low confidence with new people’ so I went with my comfy florals and flats. 
Loving Halle’s new pom pom dress
Hot chocolate excitement, “Mummy, Here’s my ‘Marshmallow face”
The girls loved attending a ‘teddy bear’s picnic at their preschool this half term, love their little outfits here, Yve’s has her Fatface pineapple dress, and Halle is wearing and H&M playsuit from last year!

A huge clip, but I love Ben Howards music, a great set! 

I didn’t make these from scratch, pre-made frozen ones but they are so good! 
As school is due to start in September, we are getting more and more into our little ‘home education’ moments at home. I’ll be talking more soon about our schooling plans. We used these wonderful little worksheets from Twinkl, along with the other books i’ve got from elsewhere. I believe that life is one of the best forms of education, life skills, being outdoors, free to explore, but when at home we love to do things like this, baking, messy play etc. Yve’s was so excited to show Daddy her plate of food she had chosen to make, using her cutting skills, and writing her name on there too. I noticed the other day that she is now trying to do handwriting, maybe she has seen me joining mine up but its a fascinating thing to see especially at such a young age, and using her own initiative to do so. sweet girl.
I wrote my birthday post the other week, and I just wanted to share some pictures of my beautiful flowers with you all, they might even brighten up your day like they did for me for a while! Today is the last day that my beautiful Halle will be the tender age of two. When she wakes tomorrow morning she will be that one extra number with lots of excitement of spending the day at one of our favourite beaches. We have a lovely day planned, including breakfast on the sea front, crabbing, beach play, going on a little ferry, a mini train then dinner at a fantastic sea front restaurant. I’m really emotional about it all, my little baby girl is growing so fast, its very bittersweet, i am just so lucky to have her in my life. 
Have a lovely weekend. 

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  1. This flowers are stunning! Sounds like you have a lovely day out. I think that outfit looks fab, as do you, but we're all prone to moments of no confidence. Hope you had a lovely birthday xxx

  2. You look great, love your skirt and the kids are so adorable! I love all those posts you mentioned above too! That hot chocolate looks amazing! Hope you had a lovely birthday, the flowers are gorgeous, have a great week xx

  3. TheL'sMum says:

    Those flowers are stunning. I love fresh flowers to brighten up a space. That maxi skirt is gorgeous by the way, I'm really loving the maxi skirts at the moment. Hope you enjoyed your birthday. #LittleLoves

  4. Shauna Clark says:

    Wow are you home schooling? I love the idea of home schooling but there's something that's stopping me from going for it, and I'm not sure what? I can't wait to read more about that!

    Love your lovely flowers too, and pain au chcolat, one of my faves!!

    Have a lovely weekend x

  5. Your photos are always so amazing I just get lost in a daze on your posts Natalie. It looks like a great week, we need to do the farm soon. The children will adore it. Lovely #littleloves

  6. Clarina S says:

    Gorgeous pictures Natale… I particularly love the marshmallow face! We are doing more little preschool moments at home too… Twinkl is a fabulous resource! I really enjoyed Katie's post too… Such a lovely idea to capture those everyday moments…

  7. Gorgeous photos, love the one of you walking together. And oh my the chocolate. Thank you for sharing my post honey. I completely get the no confidence thing, we all go through it and at different stages. You will get it back lovely, your exercise and the breathing space it gives you in your mind with help so much. Love the floral skirt and your littles dresses x

  8. Oh Nat, this is such a beautiful round up. Your kids are just so lovely and I love the sound of all the things you do with them. Halle's birthday sounds utter perfection and that picture of you and Yve is so precious! My son starts nursery in September and I am am slightly freaking out about it. We have so much fun together!!! Thanks for sharing the flowers – I can't get enough of them. Happy weekend xx

  9. What a lovely post Natalie- and thank you so so much for mentioning my post! I'm so pleased you enjoyed reading it πŸ™‚ I used to use resources from Twinkl when I was a teacher but I'd never thought to look on there since- what a fabulous idea to use their resources at home! I look forward to hearing more about your schooling plans- I think you've hit the nail on the head about life being one of the best forms of education- your philosophy resonates well with the Montessori school method- something I think is just wonderful! I totally get the 'lack of confidence' too- it's great that you went out though, and you look absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful outfit πŸ™‚ xxx

  10. Alice says:

    What a lovely week, you take beautiful photos πŸ™‚ we use Twinkl for everything at school, such a great place for resources. Hope you had a fun-filled weekend celebrating Halle's birthday xx

  11. Jo Nicholson says:

    Such beautiful flowers, lucky you. I think we all have days when we feel a lack of confidence and I think it's always good to have a safety outfit that makes you feel great. I've had a few of those days too the past week so know exactly where you're coming from xx

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