Happy 3rd birthday to our little Hallelujah.

From the moment I learnt that I was expecting our second baby, I knew it was going to be a huge roller coaster chapter in our life due the the family life situation at the time, but you, your big sister, your Daddy gave me hope, and faith. Feeling you grow day by day, week by week, month by month – you were thriving, blossoming, strengthening and getting closer to finally meet the family who loved you so much already, the emotions were very overwhelming, terrifying, yet completely exciting all the same.

When you were born, we had a different name planned if we were to have a little girl, that name was Macey. Even though that name is still beautiful, the minute I laid my eyes on you, I instantly knew that you wasn’t to be a little Macey. You looked like our little Halle. I found the name a matter of weeks before I was due, A scandinavian origin, and the meaning was just so relevant. 

A Heroine’

You saved us, you restored faith that good can happen in a bad situation. You made our family a full foursome.

You’re very much like Daddy to look at but I still see so much of myself in you. You wear your heart on your sleeve, have my emotional side, very loving, caring, shy at times, yet canhave a fierce & reactive side when triggered. You’re very able to hold your own, and can also be very stubborn too – another thing from me.. whoops. We may not resemble each other but we’re a duo in our likenesses thats for sure.

Every single day I feel like i’m learning so many new things about you Hal, and I couldn’t feel more blessed. Sometimes you drive my brain incredibly crazy, exhausted in fact, yet you always find a way to soften the moment. You love nothing more that snuggling up to the ones you love, telling them how much you love them, how they’re so beautiful, how they “smell like flowers” and that you want to shower them with lots of kisses. These are the little things I never want to forget, you may not remember these in years to come but I will.

I love how you see the good in everything, you examine my post-pregnancy tummy with such adoration, you love to stroke my tummy, tell me how much you love my skin, put your magic hand on there whenever i’m not feeling to well and that you once “lived in there after YM, but before P”. You can sometimes be so quick to react in good and bad ways but thats the development you face being an almost three year old who see’s everything in the world as brand new and ready to explore.

Embrace it my girl.

My little Hallelujah, keep telling me all of your funny little sayings, keep being your amazing witty self, your old souls conversations will never grow old, and forever keep your thirst for learning and to explore life. I am so so proud to be your Mama, and even more privileged that we spend our lives getting to know each other even more.

At 11:53pm this evening, marks three years ago that this breath of fresh air came into my life. The amount of pride that occupies my heart is immeasurable. I will spend the rest of my life showering you with love & affection and always being there to hold your hand through thick and thin. 

Love from Mumma x

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7 Discussion to this post

  1. Carie says:

    Aww Happy Birthday Halle!! She's a gorgeous girl with a lovely smile!

  2. Clarina S says:

    Happy birthday little Halle! What a gorgeous post… And one I'm sure she'll treasure forever!x

  3. Awwww this brought a tear to my eye. She seems like such a sweety. Happy birthday Halle x

  4. She is beautiful – definitely a Halle! Happy belated Birthday gorgeous girl x

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