Me and mine – A family portrait project 2015 – May

Wow where has May gone! it only seems like yesterday I was doing last months! seriously!
May has been a very busy month for us, I celebrated my 26th birthday at the beginning of the month, Then we had a wonderful family day out to a farm not that far away from us, and our little Halle turns 3 on the 30th!. We’ve then just been trying to crack on with our house to home renovation including our new kitchen which I will soon be blogging about. We’ve spent lots of time in the garden, at home together. We’ve been lucky enough to have a couple of bank holidays where Daddy has managed to stay home with us and enjoy the extra relaxed time having disney sofa snuggles. I wont lie and say its all been peaceful, as the little ones have had moments of craziness, and just being a little out of sorts, same with us really. I think the whole house move has put a strain on us all but only seeing it all now really. We will get there, its a lot for a couple let alone a family with three small kids under 4.5 years old. we manage well, but there have been so many nights of sheer exhaustion for us parents, moments of frustration, tears (me!) and then to counteract all that – lots of love, laughter and togetherness.

The next few months we will be continuing to keep strong, and make this house our home.

I also wrote recently about the fact I will be spending the first full day away from my little family to attend my first blog event, I am so nervous but excited. Really not sure what to expect but I think it will be an experience but I will have to try and not whimper for my lovely little brood back home! (can you tell that no matter how much I love our adventures, I am a home bird at heart!) So this will be a change, but a good change for myself and my family as I am hoping to gain more knowledge and further myself for my career/ and ultimately our family. I mentioned a few days ago about how I am thinking of the future of this blog of mine, its something I adore, but things in the news, and just life really has made me think about how and if I should share what I do. I adore my loyal fans, but when you see that so many bad people have access to the same social media as us all, It petrifies me. that someone may steal my images (again), and within tie, my littles may not want it over the net, and to just keep it sacred for us. I do this as well, but I do love to share our little life, I have a few projects in the pipeline that im working on which includes another website and blog of mine which is purely based on me, my interests and something away from my sacred family. but for now, I will monitor and do what i love, which is to document our little family, in the right moderation.

how do you get the right balance of it all? 

This months photos were taken a little at the wrong time really. I had a specific idea for this years ‘yellow field’ shoot. low evening golden hour light, but this was what we could fit in, it’s the field we look out at from our kitchen a few miles away, and we happened to stop and have a go not knowing when we would get another spare chance. The kids were tired, but knowing we were going for a roast made things better! 
Hope you have had a lovely month with your families.

dear beautiful
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  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos Natalie… but then I always have a mega soft spot for rapeseed fields. Love all the action of the photos as a series though; full of the fun and movement of life with little ones. Simply lovely. x

  2. Ahh love the yellow fields featuring this month. Gorgeous family captures. #meandmine

  3. Ah these are beautiful photos Nat, I don't think they are the wrong time at all. You all look happy and I love the ones where the kids are being thrown in the air. What a gorgeous little family you have. x

  4. Lovely photos, I love seeing your little ones pottering down the track, such a sweet childhoos moment xx

  5. Gorgeous capture. I'm desperate to get to a yellow field. Your photo's are lovely and look full of wonderful memories. Have a good month honey and good luck with the housey bits x

  6. Carie says:

    These are just beautiful photos – nothing of the wrong light about it! Our nearest lovely yellow field also has a windmill in it – and every time we go up there I take pictures of the windmill instead – ah well, definitely first world problems!!

  7. Caro Davies says:

    Aaah so lovely! There definitely seems to be a yellow theme this month doesn't there?! I've got some beauties of the boys in the golden fields that I'm saving for another day. Good luck with getting settled in your new home pet — I hope things calm down for you very soon x #MeAndMine

    Caro |

  8. These are gorgeous photos Nat! Everyone looks so happy. Running through fields is definitely one of those nostalgic childhood moments. I'd love to get some photos like this of my little family in the yellow fields but sadly we don't have any round this way- we are too far north I think! Excited to see what comes with your new blog venture. Amelia xx

  9. Clarina S says:

    Oh Natalie! These photos are stunning! What a gorgeous backdrop, and a rather gorgeous family to boot! I especially love the fact that you had a little Frozen friend too! Sorry I won't get to meet you at Blogtacular, but baby's impending arrival have meant I won't be there!

    • Thank you love! I know little H insisted on keeping her dress on for the day! bless her! exploring her own likes and dislikes 🙂 I know what a shame, but you enjoy your baby bump/ or newborn snuggles instead, enjoy the resting time (or as much as you can with two little ones – i know this feeling!) x

  10. What stunning family photos, I literally love each and every one! Looks like you have a frozen fan there, I recognise that dress because we have one too #meandmine x

  11. Alex Gladwin says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photos of you and your family! xxx

  12. Such gorgeous photos! I love them all, and the yellow is such a beautiful backdrop xx

  13. Beautiful Natalie, I love rapeseed, stunning photos with Daddy throwing them. Gorgeous captures #meandmine

  14. can't beat a rapeseed field photo! I always feel a bit jealous as we don't drive and so never seem to be able to get to one! x

  15. Gorgeous photos, I love those fields, you all look so happy x

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