{Ordinary Moments 2015} – 22/52 – A little hot chocolate date

Since moving to our new home things have been a a little hectic at times. We’ve also seen a little bit of unsettled moments with our little ones too. Not in the everyday, but in certain ways. You know when you’re a parent when you know everything about them, and something just doesnt feel right, they’re feeling a little out of sorts but can’t make sense of it themselves. So sometimes a little time away from it all can be the best cure, As can it be for us parents too.
Last week I noticed this so much more with Yve’s, being the eldest I sometimes feel that she sets the bar too high for herself and forgets to just be that carefree child still, she’s a thinker – just like me. Having our three littles close in age has had challenges but we know they wouldn’t have it any other way, they love to have one another but everyone deserves a little time, undisturbed and especially one to one time with a parent. It can be really tricky doing this, I think so anyway as I crave to have this time too but I also then feel like i’m being a bad Mummy for not including the other two. Being a parent makes you think in ways you never thought possible, and makes you realise that sometimes things that may not feel fair actually are the best thing you can do in that moment in time. each of our littles deserves time to enjoy their Mummy or Daddy alone as well as together. I’ve spoken before about ‘one to one’ time, and its something we will forever try to keep a balance of for our family, to make sure everyone feels the equal amount of love. Each time a new baby has coe along, we have done our best by making the little ones feel involved and never left out. Sometimes though as many of you multiple parents can relate to, life can get busy, nappies need changing, a baby needs feeding, burping, chasing after when mobile, the toddler needs a bit of guidance to not draw on the walls, the tiredness, the nap times, the constant “I want’s” from all three wanting their Mummy or Daddy to do something or just play with them. It can be hard, but with the right balance, It can be done.

I suggested that as the girls are getting older than the baby stage, it will be nice to start doing one on one dates. We spend so much lovely time together but I thought this would be a lovely thing to start doing more religiously. I already have the lovely Friday morning dates with my boy, so Daddy will start having his time with each of them too. Next time with me though its Halle’s choice, probably for another hot chocolate and cake date too!
So back to last weekend… it was all getting a bit much in the house with boxes still about, decorating and renovating so to regain some peace and sanity, I take Yve’s on a little ‘hot chocolate date’. We’re huge fans of hot chocolates in this house, so it was a no brainer!
We were spotting the birds, went on a little nature trail (post coming soon) to see what we could find, talking about everything really, getting to know one another more and more without any interruptions. One of my favourite parts of the stroll was when she asked to hold my hand, we’ve always loved doing this, but sometimes when carrying a baby, or watching over both the girls, I sometimes dont have enough hands – unless using the baby carrier! but you get what I mean, I loved holding her hand without the hassle, I was fortunate to be wearing my sunglasses too as I got quite choked up by it!
I took some lovely photos of us in the little nature area near our home which I will share in another post, when walking up to the cafe, Yve’s asked if we could walk through the “pretty church yard”, we did just that and ended up playing races through the gates too – I lost obviously, ha. On to the cafe, tucking into our delicious cake and hot chocs only for my to realise that I had left my purse at home, such fun… not! Thankfully my Dad came to the rescue and bailed me out, not forgetting to take the mick of my ‘flakiness’ lol We then walked back home, Yve’s wanted a little ride on Grampy’s bike down the road until we went our separate ways. She said “well that was a lovely day wasn’t it”.
It really was my lovely little girl.
Something like a simple little walk together hand in hand, enjoying time together, listening without disturbances, giggling like a pair of old sillies, and really being in the moment. These are the memories that will forever lock in my mind, stay there forever & will be my favourite, ordinary yet extraordinary moments spent with these amazing little souls that my life has been blessed with.
Hot chocolate obsessed… wonder where she gets that from?
“Mummy, this is my marshmallow face!”
Lemon drizzle cake for her, Banana fudge and pecan cake for me.
I really wanted to take this cutlery pot home, I’ll definitely be using this idea when our kitchen is 100% finished, looks so retro! A Sanpellegrino for Mummy & Daddy back at home, chose by Yve’s, and even though we don’t let them drink ‘fizzy’ drinks – she insisted on trying the lemon one as it matched her lemon drizzle cake!
She brightens up my life in so many ways possible.
The sky is the limit

I lost… ha
After some lovely bonding time, there’s nothing sweeter than displaying flowers in your home that your little one picked for you.
Linking up with the lovely Katie at Mummy Daddy Me.
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  1. Ah I don't know why but this bought a tear to my eye Nat. I think it's so important to have one on one time with our children, I don't nearly do it enough with my two, especially not Mads. We have just stopped her Fri morning nursery so we can all spend more time together until she goes to school in September. You have inspired me to take her out on a date. It looks like some lovely quality time with your biggest girl. xx

    • Thank you for your kind words Katie. It was lovely and its a need for us both, as it is with my other two in their own way. Its a hard thing to get use to when you have more than one little one. but finding the right balance is the wondrous thing. we all need a little focus time and i'm so glad we did this little date xx

  2. Such a beautiful post. I have 3 children too so I know what you mean about juggling one to one time, its so hard to fit it in isn't it, I always feel if I am doing something fun with one of them we should all be doing it together. x

  3. Donna says:

    Beautiful post. Some of my favourite times are when it is one of the children and me, one on one time doing something fun but ordinary. That looks like a great place to go for a hot choc too! x

  4. Mary Smith says:

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures and a beautiful post too. I love these moments when we dont allow distractions and just be there with them and let go – its so fun x

  5. Carie says:

    Aww what a very lovely moment – yay for some time one on one and that cake looks amazing!!

  6. Awww beautiful, I always try and have one on one time with having four children. I do a linky on a Tuesday about it. This is a beautiful post Nat, and the photos are stunning xxx #ordinarymoments

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