Living Arrows 2015 – 22/52

Afternoons in the garden are something we love in our house hold. After busy mornings, nap times for little Phoenix, we like to chill out and explore the garden. We usually have a little visit from Grampy after lunch but then as the day goes on, the blissful warm sunshine and cool breezes that have been present on & off set in, so we’ve been making the most of it with playing with the water table, mini picnics on lovely knitted blankets, not to mention the lighter evenings when on the odd occasion when the littles stay up that little bit later – they love nothing more than ‘helping’ Daddy tidy up the garden.
Phoenix is into anything with a motor at the minute, henry the hoover indoors, Daddy’s van, our family car, and apparently the lawn mower. Its funny as both the girls were exactly like this at his age, fearless and just itching to get involved.
With three small little ones, we aim to be as relaxed as possible in our parenting journey, that being sadi we do like to stick to a little routine when it comes to bed time otherwise they usually get over tired, or just very grumpy as they do lead pretty busy lives during the day, but as I mentioned before, with the lighter evenings, or just the simple owant of spending some extra quality time together as a family is a must even if it means a very slightly later bed time. The littles don’t see Daddy during the day in the week as he works full time so they love to soak up as much of him as possible in this time, and I think its a very lovely thing to ‘bend the rules’ sometimes. 🙂
They love their painted ‘witwoos’, but when you’re almost just turned three years old, sometimes you have to improvise when the nail varnishes are out of reach.
This is the pose which she loves to do every time the camera is about, check out our last few family portraits (and the one for next month haha).
Picnic prep
I adore my YM’s hair
Tower building in full swing
Fresh strawberries in the warm evening sunshine
I will never grow old of a ‘back of the head’ shot
Stuff your car then, i’ll take this beast instead!
Warm hazy sunshine
‘Daddy’s home’

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Living Arrows
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6 Discussion to this post

  1. Carie says:

    Aww that made me giggle, there is so much in your pictures that I s very familiar, especially the drawing on little girl feet and mobbing Daddy is soon as he's home!

  2. Catriona S says:

    Gorgeous photos. Looks like you all have such fun in the garden. I wish we had a garden, Osian loves the outdoors. We have a tin concrete space out the back, it's not much, but we often go out there just to be outside x

  3. Aww Natalie these are all just beautiful. I love YM's hair too. Stunning captures #livingarrows

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