Loving the little things 2015 – 23/52

Happy Friday everyone! 

I wanted to start this post today by saying what a wonderful time we had last Saturday celebrating our little Halle’s 3rd birthday! We left the house super early, and spent the day at one of our favourite beaches in Mudeford. I’ll be posting about her special day soon. I love this this photo of her taken early 2013, she still has that same little face but with lots of beautiful blonde hair now!


I’ve been reading lots on Twitter about the Mad Blog award finalists. I am a little sad that I didn’t make it this year but theres always next time! The line up looks amazing, full of so many talented individuals and i’m so pleased to see some of the lovely ladies i’ve been talking to for a while or who’s blogs I read a lot to be mentioned there. I am happy to say that i’ve already voted for my favourites, go on, get voting for yours! 
Here’s a few other posts I’ve read this week.
Why do I struggle with ‘Mum’ being a large part of my identity? – Not Another Mummy Blog – I loved reading this post. I find that Alison writes with such honesty and puts things into a great and clear perspective. I can relate to this post so much. Labels are a pain in the ass, labels are in our everyday society from the womb to the day we are no longer here and its a sad thing. I think how we value ourselves is the main thing, when we lose sight of that – thats where the issue is, and yet only we can handle this. (if that makes any sense).. It frustrates me when you hear the, “oh you’re a stay at home mum… oh” – Yes I F*king am, I wear my ‘Mama’ badge with pride, but to say it still doesn’t feel real today is an understatement, I have those feelings of ‘I am not sure who I am anymore’ all the time, but its something only I can manage and the not letting anyone label me. because to be honest – it will not and will never define me as a mum, person, human!
The Pro-Blogger-Interview- Lucy from Lulastic Blog – I loved reading this, I find Lucy’s blogging journey very inspiring!
I’ve also purchase Lucy’s E-book HAPPY HAIR: THE NO POO BOOK!

I’m not sure if its the constant pregnancy and breastfeeding hormones that have been going through my body for the past four and a half years but my hair has been on a journey itself. Recently it’s just awful, lifeless, I can do nothing with it other than the regular top knot bun in which I end up looking rough as instead of the ‘effortless chic’ I try to sway towards, ha. On the other side, I am all in favour of natural solutions, I just want to gain more knowledge of it all in order to process and act on it. I will write about what I think within time… and with hopefully glossy locks!

I’m now on day 11 of my post natal fitness dvd by Erin O’Brien. The one which is helping me to regain my core strength and diastasis recti. Its the most of done in one chunk and i’m hoping i’m going to keep the motivation. at the moment I am doing it once the littles have gone to bed. At times I’ve thought I could let my tiredness take over but no, i’ve got the session done each night and fitting it into my routine now, making it a normal part of the process instead of feeling like a chore. I enjoy the feeling after when I can feel my muscles ache, and the winding down after before bed. Its something I know I need to continue to better myself, and the way I feel. I wrote a while back about the way I felt and its just something I feel so strongly about. I still have such a long way to go as the damage to my tummy muscles is still bad… but within time.


Phoenix has been wearing his Wolfie & Willow moccs – review coming soon!), I have been wearing my lovely comfy flats from H&M to cover up my horrid blue toe nail from Phoenix dropping a solid baking bowl on it!

A snippet of my dodgy blue toe – thanks Phoenix.

My lovely comfy trousers from Hollister – often mistaken for Pj’s, sod it. (Excuse the child-smeared mirror)

When I asked Yve’s what converse she wanted seeing as she’s outgrown all her others (handed down to little sister & brother yay!) she has specific ideas. “rainbow leopard print please”.. I only went and found some one ebay! she loves them! We always swap our laces to funk ours up too hence Halle’s monochrome style ones! 😉The suns been out since yesterday, the littles have loves wearing their summer-ish clothes. Look how proud she looks holding little brothers hand 🙂 

My gorgeous biggest girl & I went on a little date recently, she chose her own little outfit which I loved. This girl is all about embracing her own look at the minute 🙂 


Hearing this on the radio a fair bit and it is so catchy, especially to liven me up on the morning drive! 😉

The girls love to get involved with things at home, and we’re all for embracing that. Here they are making their own pizzas for dinner on Wednesday.
Days at home call for face paints & a little movie break
One of my all time favourites – SHOPS! I’ve been collecting the shopping boxes for a few weeks to make the game more realistic. They loved choosing their items and taking turns to do the ‘beeper’. I’ll be posting a little more about this soon. 
Creating, getting messy, enjoying all the fun – being a kid 🙂

I can’t believe it’s only a week until Blogtacular – I’m so excited but so nervous! ahhhhhh
Hope you all have a super duper weekend, I’m going to spend it sorting stuff out at home, catching up on my editing from Halle’s birthday, plus a little movie. I have so many plans buzzing around my brain for the future of my blog…(s).. so I will be writing those down too and trying to make sense of them all!


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9 Discussion to this post

  1. Carie says:

    Oh I'll be very interested to hear how you get on with the DVD, my core muscles are shot to pieces, probably for the same reason of you as yours, namely three children in a very short space of time! I'm really hoping to find something to do that will put everything back where it belongs!!

  2. Alison Perry says:

    I was just having a lovely little look at your (gorgeous) blog and suddenly spotted my name!! Very spooky. Thank you for mentioning my post and your kind words. PS those home made pizzas look like so much fun x

  3. Louisa says:

    I hope Halle had a wondeful 3rd birthday.
    I shall follow how you get on with your dvd. i don't think I have any stomach muscles left and could do with something to help them along. 🙂

  4. Love your trousers! I bought some trousers the other day and Cherry asked me if they were for wearing to bed! x

  5. Gorgeous pics. Hope Halle had a great birthday! Rainbow leopard print – so cute! My teenage daughter would like that now! Have a great weekend x

  6. Alice says:

    Homemade pizzas – so much fun. Phoenix is so sweet doing his painting, and the girls playing shops looks like a great game 🙂 hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  7. I am loving all of these pictures of your little busy bodies! They are always playing together and doing the cutest things. My eldest had some tan moccs when he was younger and I'm waiting for my youngest to fit into them. They are gorgeous!!!! I'm excited to hear about your blog plans! Go for it lady!!!! 🙂 Enjoy Blogtacular and good luck!!!! xxx

  8. KARA says:

    I am so excited Blogtacular is just round the corner, it was so awesome last year.
    Those trousers are amazing, you look amazing, even with toe (ouch).
    You must be the coolest Mummy ever, shops, face painting and making mess.

  9. Such a lovely round up Nat.
    Dates with our biggest girls are the best aren't they, and that picture of Yves is just fab!
    Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday! xxx

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