{Ordinary Moments 2015} – 23/52 – Our special little place

Do you have one of those places, where your heart feels so happy?
I’m the first one to admit that home is where my heart is, wherever my family are with me. When thinking about the places we travel to, the adventures we go on, this one little place holds a lot of memories for us. Before we had our children, we use to visit this lovely place a few times a year, this place is Mudeford. We would take the blissful drive down in our purple little polo, gliding through The New Forest that exudes such a therapeutic vibe every single time. We would stop by in the stunning views of the forest admiring how wild and free the horses are, breathing in that fresh air, on we would go to our destination, park up on the sea front, go to the beach cafe for a delicious English breakfast, latte for him, hot chocolate with all the cream and marshmallows for me, every single time. We would then relax on the beach, go for long walks and just talk about life, love, the future, starting a family one day, everything really. 
Enjoying the simplicity of one another company.
Except when we visit this place now we have our amazing little family to share these experiences with. The family we once spoke about before they were even here. its a magical thing really, reliving what life was before but making our own stamp on things once more with these beautiful little souls we created. We love to take them here to do the same things, and more. Since becoming our little family we now do lots more such as crabbing, ferry rides, climbing more hills, train rides, finding secret places to build dens. We still indulged in the cream teas & hot chocolates as the littles have fallen in love with these too! The last time we went to the place where you catch the mini train Yve’s was two, Halle a small baby. We were queueing when they decided to re park the train round the same small parking area, we looked to tell Yve’s it’s nearly our turn next… she wasn’t anywhere to be seen despite her literally just holding our hands and playing in front of our feet, utter panic for all of two seconds when we realised the little monkey couldnt wait much longer and decided to hop on the train on her own, two year old little Yve’s, going round in the circuit, in the carriage! When she realised the situation she had a little panic but Daddy ran straight to her (all of 5 metres) and came to her rescue. Its been the funniest story to tell her as she has no memory really, but we went back to the same train ride and she kept joking saying “Oh I fancy a trip on my own….” with a huge grin on her face! 
I could talk forever about my love for this place, about all the little details, but for now i’ll keep those a little sacred & share with you a couple of snaps from last week.  
All I can emphasise is that we get that buzz of excitement every time when knowing we’re going to 
These photos were taken last weekend for Halle’s 3rd birthday surprise. 
A full post coming on this very soon, including a little film 🙂 
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3 Discussion to this post

  1. Carie says:

    Oh I know Mudeford from when I was a little girl, we used to go there on a trip with my great aunt and I remember the train and the ferries! What a lovely spot both to have as your own bolt hole but to build family memories too!

  2. Alex Gladwin says:

    This is such a lovely post! And how nice that you can go back to your special place as a family now rather than just as a couple 🙂 xx

  3. Such a lovely post Nat and it's so great that you have this happy place full of happy memories to share as a family. As usual your photos are gorgeous and really tell a story. x

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