Living Arrows 2015 – 23/52

I’ve spoken recently about our ‘special little place’ that we visit often, we also went here for Halle’s 3rd birthday last week. As a family we love to find places in which we can make new memories, even if its somewhere we’ve been before. Each time we go somewhere, we will always discover new things to see & do, the possibilities are endless, especially in the eyes of your children.
The simple joys of making shell and rock patterns while the waves are crashing in front of you in the distance, the making of different shape sandcastles, climbing on those rocks that looked a hell of a lot bigger the last time you visited, the imaginations running wild and free while they explore everything around them.
Remarkably magical in my eyes.
To witness our little ones seeing the beauty in the everyday little treasures such as a collection of rocks and stones. I mean, every kid loves toys right? but to be honest, my littles love all things that don’t cost a thing really. I believe that you can shower your children with the most toys possible, but to shower them with your love, investing quality simple time with them, listening to their magical stories, being in that moment is something so amazing, and a privilege to the core.
We did exactly this on our day out, life can get pretty hectic sometimes, but spending one day away from it all really does put things into the best perspective.
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Living Arrows
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9 Discussion to this post

  1. Such cute photos. There's nothing like sandy toes and collecting stones x

  2. I love how children are able to find magic wherever they go

  3. Catriona S says:

    Gorgeous photos. Looks like a great time was had :).xx

  4. I adore that first photo Nat- so beautiful. x

  5. Amy Wharton says:

    Beautiful pictures. It's amazing how just one day away from the usual day to day stresses can be so refreshing. #livingarrows

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