I’m off to Blogtacular! (and a little peek in my bag!)

Name: Natalie
Age: Just turned 26!
Other blogs/websites: One Happiness Photography – This is my photography site, a small business focused around lifestyle maternity, newborn, baby & child photography, with lots of plans for the future. I am also in the process of a few projects for a new blog of mine and hopefully a little store. Design work in the process but I can’t wait to get the ball rolling in the near future.
Mother to: Three beautiful little ones.
First blogging conference?: Yes, I’m very excited but equally very nervous! I’m really looking forward to learning new things, finally meeting people that i’ve ben speaking to for a while now and to just be in the company of others who ‘get this’ whole blogging world. I’m very rarely away from my littles as I am a stay at home mum and have been for four and a half years other than doing my odd photography jobs or building my blog space. Its out of my comfort zone, introducing myself to new faces, not to feel intimidated or out of place. I’ve heard so many lovely things about Blogtacular so overall I can’t wait spend the day there. I am gutted I can’t make the Friday night dinner, or stay the Saturday evening for the Pintacular, I just know that I will want to get home to my babies asap! There’s always next year when i’ve got myself more use to it! I was even a little nervous about the whole travelling there on my own part, excited but just thinking ‘will I get mugged wandering about looking completely lost?’ – Silly I know, but maybe to be expected as I dont do this often, if ever. My lovely Dad has offered to travel to and from there with me, he will go and do his own things in London while am the event but will meet me after to make sure I get home safe without me worrying the whole way home. This anxiety is a very bizarre thing really as I have never been this bad, I think it’s ever since I’ve become an adult, or even since becoming a mother that I am more aware of the dangers. I’m not like this all the time, but when away from my brood, I just want to know that i’m going to be back home, safe and sound with them when necessary! A lot of it is to do with my self confidence too, but within time this will heal. Another factor for why i’m taking this step to join others with like-minds, to feel that energy and just embrace it all really, even if for one day. 
…okay, Natalie stop rambling now.
Oh, just so i’m not the one sat in the corner going red faced (jokes), give me a wave or come and have a chat if you like! πŸ™‚
Have you chosen your outfit? I have a few in mind, but I think i’ll see how the weather is that morning!
What do you hope to gain from Blogtacular? Knowledge on how to build my blog space, to really embrace my creative side and to be proud of it. I am really looking forward to meeting and hopefully staying friend with those I have been speaking to , and to even meet people I’ve not met or spoken to yet. I’m hoping to have the confidence to talk with some of the sponsors without going red faced, eek! I’ve really never done anything like this before, so a total newbie, but upping your game, facing fears is what lifes about right? I’ve written recently about attending my first ever blog event if you fancy a read with a cuppa. 
Here’s a little peek as to what i’m going to be bringing with me:
1. Headphones to listen to my ever so inspiring playlists, especially Ben Howard – instant relax when I start to feel nervous or doubt myself!
2. Cath Kidston hand cream.
3.Words of wisdom.
4. My favourite perfume at the moment, Alien.
5. Phone charging power bank I got for 9.99 from TkMaxx, Thanks for the tip Kat!
6. A notebook is a must, especially with that fab statement.
7. Sun glasses.
8. Memory card for my ‘big cam’.
9. My beautiful handmade Phone case for my back up phone/camera.
10. Pens, pencils.
11.My GoPro Hero 3+
12. Elemis face cream, Bourjois blusher, Clinique eyelash curlers, Kate moss lippy, Clinque moisturiser, deodorant, eyebrow pencil, hair grips for my annoying fringe, Soap & glory mascara, eyeshadows.
13. Tissues, hello hayfever.
14. My Iphone 5C.
16. My beautiful Cath Kidston purse with no money in it yet. (I hate carrying cash ever since I got my pretty owl change purse stolen out of my hand a few years ago, git)
This notebook literally jumped into my shopping basket, had to be done!
 Cosmetics to make sure I can fix my face if I do get those emotional moments of missing my littles! I am loving my Soap & glory mascara at the minute, great coverage! I’ll also be packing my fabulous MAC ‘ruby woo’ lippy but it has grown legs and gone missing (Thanks Hal)
 I have a stationary obsession – easily admitted. I am taking this wonderful little postcard with me as a great reminder of why i’m doing this for myself, and what i love to do.
 I’m going to miss my little trio so much on Saturday, I’m pretty sure there will be moments where i’m hiding my tears behind my sunglasses!.. It’s going to be a good thing for me to have some time to focus on myself, but I know I will be itching to get back once its finished ready to give them kisses and cuddles and tell them all about my day the next morning.
 Don’t you just love the work by Katie Daisy?
I also have the ‘Heart thoughts’ book which has her inspirational, whimsical illustrations in. 

I am almost certain that I will squeeze in a few more things and my camera will also be coming but I was using it to take these photos!

Cant wait to meet you all!

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6 Discussion to this post

  1. Little Beee says:

    A lovely post – enjoyed seeing the goodies in your bag. I'll be missing my little one too so you won't be alone don't worry πŸ™‚

  2. Have a wonderful time Natalie! I'm sure it will be fantastic, you'll meet so many wonderful people and have so much fun! I'm sure the day will fly by, and you'll be on your way home to your little ones before you even know it xx

  3. Ah I loved reading this Nat- I also love having a nosey to see what other people might be taking. I'd totally forgotten notebook and pens! Quick stop by paper chase tomorrow me thinks… Can't wait to finally meet you on Saturday! I'll also be concealing my tears behind my shades- I'm away from F from Friday lunchtime until Sunday 1pm. Oh my God! πŸ™ i totally understand how you're feeling being away from your brood, but they will be fine I'm sure! we will have an amazing time too xx

  4. Oh I love this post and you have really given me so many ideas on what to bring along. It also my first blogging event and I can so relate to feeling a bit anxious and I will be really missing my little ones too. x

  5. OH Nat is was so lovely to meet you and you are just the sweetest. It was great to attend classes and get to hang out with you a bit too. πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoyed it and learned loads. You are doing so well. πŸ™‚ xo Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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