Loving the little things 2015 – 24/52

Happy Friday everyone! 


Trying to get more creative with meal planning, loving these three books.
One of our all time favourites, Yve’s favourite part is when they go out in the ‘street lamps and have dinner in a cafe’, she loves to refer back to whenever we’ve been out for family meals. 


I’ve watched some pretty skies while being in a day dream at times (probably sleep daze!) and..

We actually had one evening where we relaxed and watched ‘Mad Max’ the other night, completely nutty but really good. All films that star Tom Hardy are just fab!

This floor brick, standing out from the crowd and all that.
Didn’t you know it was National ‘Jellies’ day? Ha. Mine are from Office (Juju jellies), The girls are River island, & Phoenix’s are Meduse from Scout & Co.
I got these fab tattoos from The Pod Company in my local town, they suit my girls so much, two of their favourite things!
Adorable Jellies I got in the Scout & Co sale last year, they finally fit!


I think I’ve listened to this song about 156 times this week, I love every single lyric, hits my heart every time. It also makes me feel hopeful if i’m feeling a little rubbish sometimes, or nervous about something. Blogtacular is tomorrow and I keep feeling waves of nerves but having this playlist on in my kitchen has been helping this! I really want to see Ben Howard live, he is appearing at ‘Wilderness’ festival near me, in August but I can’t make it – gutted, another tie then!

Anyone else Ben Howard fans?

Okay I have to admit, I’ve made pancakes twice for breakfast this week, I’ve really fancied them! (no i’m not pregnant) …White chocolate filled, don’t sound the healthiest but they were made with gluten-free flour so… equal measures in my mind…!
On Sunday afternoon we were just relaxing at home (and Mr T was nursing a hangover!), Phoenix went for his midday nap, then Halle fell asleep on Daddy So While I was prepping a roast dinner Yve’s & I decided to bake one of our favourites – lemon drizzle cake!

We’ve also purchased a Nutribullet this week so i’ve been making some smoothies to keep us feeling energised, anyone else on the juicing/smoothie bandwagon? Tell me some of your favourite recipes!

Oh and here’s a little peak of our new dining area…still lots to be done but we’re getting there. This place is finally starting to feel like home.

I got this Alphabet print brand new from a charity shop for Β£7.99! So chuffed! I walked past, caught my eye as I’ve been after it for ages, left a note on a Tesco receipt and collected the next morning, Bargain!


So, tomorrow, I will be spending the day with lots of new faces, people ‘like me’, and hopefully learning lots of new things. I’ve spoken about feeling quite nervous about the whole thing but i’m sure it’ll be brilliant. I’m meeting the lovely Amelia from Oh little one sweet before-hand so we can reassure each other that us first timers will have a blast! And here’s a little intro about my first time attending and a peek into my bag!

I love this post card, wise words indeed.

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10 Discussion to this post

  1. I am loving all those feet in jelly shoes!! Just gorgeous. Loving the dining area, it's lovely when it all starts to come together.

    Have a fab time tomorrow! xxx

  2. Shauna Clark says:

    Loving the jelly shoes. The girls have some for our holiday, but I'm tempted to get some for me too!

    I'm trying to get into juicing, but I'm so weird with things that have bits in. Pancakes look much better if I'm honest. I usually go for nutella but white chocolate? Why have I never thought of that. My mouth is actually watering!

    Have a lovely day tomorrow! xx

  3. I love lemon drizzle too! I've been making loads of it recently. The more lemony the better. I'm going to try Deliciously Ella next week. See whether I can eat my way to looking as gorgeous as she is…

    Have you taken the kids to The Tiger Who Came to Tea stage show? I took Noah and he loved it! xx Have a great weekend

  4. I love your dining area! That print is great and I love the radiator cover. Loving the matching jelly shoes too πŸ™‚ Have fun at Blogtacular and a lovely weekend x

  5. The Tiger Who Came To Tea was my favourite book as a child, I wonder what it is about it that people love?! I think I used to like the idea of going out to tea when it was dark! We all live in our jellies although Tiger has started refusing to put his on! Look forward to meeting you later x

  6. Alice says:

    My niece loves the Tiger Who Came to Tea book, she's not quite 2 though so just makes tiger noises and points at the 'moooooooon'. I love how timeless books can be! You guys in your jellies is so sweet πŸ™‚ hope you have fun this weekend xx

  7. Oooh I hope you had a great time at Blogtactular- I really wish I'd bought a ticket now! I love your little jellies on the kids, they look so sweet πŸ™‚ #littleloves ps you can NEVER have too many pancakes!

  8. Whoa, jelly shoe overload! I love it. It's so 1980s and fabulous! #LittleLoves


  9. I couldn't love the picture of the jelly shoes anymore! It is too adorable! I really hope you had an amazing time at Blogtacular and weren't too scared! πŸ™‚ I LOVE lemon drizzle cake…I think it has to be the best cake! xx

  10. We're massive Ben Howard fans, I don't think we've got a roadtrip playlist that doesn't feature him somewhere!
    Loving all the jellies. Give me a shout if you ever need to get bigger sizes for the kids as we stock them too πŸ˜‰ hee hee xxx

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