Living Arrows 2015 – 24/52

16 and a half months old. 
How on earth has this happened already, I say this a lot but mean it every single time – It seems just like yesterday that I gave birth to you, same with your big sisters as well. Those amazing memories that changed my life so much in such a magical way just live with me every day.
You’ve been ‘properly’ walking for about 6 weeks now, and boy have you got a new lease on life with it. You’ve been so active since around 6 months old especially, reaching milestones and then you got so confident with your crawling you didn’t think there was any other way to move around until you realised you wanted to get faster at keeping up with your big sisters that is.
You are non-stop exploring all the time, from the minute you wake up in the morning, more recently around 6am shouting “ma, ma”, Once I come and get you, you greet me with such a huge smile on your face. You then know what time it is, tie for morning milk, and as you’ve started to self-wean to cows milk (with the odd feed from me still if you wake in the night or the odd post-nap if you don’t fancy other milk), you start to signal that you need a bit of energy to start you day, you walk to the door, carrying your beloved blanket, and start to either point or gesture your hand to ‘come this way’, when either Mummy or Daddy go to get it you will have a little sob as you just want to be involved in the whole process of everything, yet you sit and wait in the bed with whoever is grabbing 5 more minutes peace before the day starts.
You know your own mind already thats for sure, a character element that will probably drive me mad at some points in the future!, but ultimately you will go far in life with this way of thinking of knowing what you want and how to get it.
As for play time, you are fascinated by the swings, we luckily have one at the top of the garden, and as you walk into the play room downstairs you will point and shout a noise, a noise that only Mummy, Daddy or the girls understand at the moment. Its funny really when you’re a parent – you just get to know the signals, shouts, babbles and understand your baby when no one else does. 
You don’t say many words yet, but wow you have the best facial expressions ever. Everyone commenrs at how serious or cominal  they are! You do say words like “Mama”, “mummeeee”, Dada”, “yeah”, “no no”, “in there”, “Yve”, & “eeee for Halle”, you’ve also started to try and say “bee bee for Grampy”. 
The thing I find fascinating is how you can recognise things, people, places, or associate all these things together too, such a magical thing for such a little person. 
You’re absolutely fearless when it comes to any activity, whether this is copying your big sisters climbing on the swing frame, you then have a go at standing at the top of the slide, letting go and ready to jump down it (which you’ve done a couple of times to then realise thats not the best way to get down it!) you are fascinated with finding bugs – like big sisters, holding spiders with Daddy, finding wiggly worms – you name it. You’ve developed a love for our dear ‘henry hoover’ for a fair few months now, probably since you could crawl – you love to chase it and turn it off whenever i’m reaching the point of ‘ahhh I’ve almost finished the hoovering of mess now’ moment – thanks! You adore dogs, and shout with so much excitement whenever you see one, we are teaching you to obviously still be cautious with them, handle and stroke our pets within our close family – without pulling fur out or biting on ears etc! Whenever we’re out & about, particularly at the supermarket – you always happen to attract every old lady in there and put on your cheeky charm, and even flirt with the younger ones too – (help me now!).
Now with all three of you, we’ve always been very relaxed with what you choose to be interested in, allowing you the freedom to explore it all. We dont stereotype the whole – pink for girls, blue for boys, cars, barbies etc. So you play with so many lovely toys, mostly the girls kitchen, or joining in on the making, colouring of things. But the one thing you are absolutely obsessed with is – a football, basketball – any ball for that matter. Daddy says he can see you being left footed at the moment but time will tell, Its such a beautiful thing watching you play together though, and we all have such fun together as family out in the back garden – you squeal with laughter whenever you see any of your footballs! So some might say a very ‘boy’ thing but the girls enjoy them just as much sometimes!
So at the grand old age of 16 and a half months, you’ve slept through a couple of nights in the past week – wahoo! not that I’m expecting it to be regular but thank you! When you’re not sleeping through you have definitely settled well in your new bedroom. We try our best to stick to a routine when it comes to bedtime so you’re all usually in bed by 7/7:30pm, and you will go off with your milk and blanket along with the lullaby scout dog soothing, up until living here you would always want Mummy to rock you – which I loved but now, you seem happier to wriggle yourself to sleep 🙂 You will then wake once in the small hours then up at 6am mostly.
So this is basically a little update, reflection of the past few months really, these photos were taken the other week when at the beach for Halle’s 3rd birthday treat (i’m still yet to post this, no time for much these days!).. but this is you, now, in your element of being a free-spirited, inquisitive, & ever so happy and charming little boy. 

How amazing is this photo? Taken by Yve’s. 🙂
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Living Arrows
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6 Discussion to this post

  1. pixiedusk says:

    Lovely read! And lovely photos too. You have captured that fun character in him =) #livingarrows

  2. Amy Wharton says:

    What a great update and love your photos, especially the ones of him eating the icecream! #livingarrows

  3. EmmaT says:

    Such gorgeous clear eyes, and I love his chunky jumper. Such a contrast to his summer shorts! #livingarrows

  4. Aww, I loved this Natalie. This is one of my favourite ages, I have the most wonderful memories of my babies at this age. I love his cheeky little face eating his ice cream and that little baby walk. What a sweet little guy he is <3

  5. Oh I love his toothy grin and the shorts and jumper combo! Too cute! x

  6. Emily says:

    How lush are those pinky toes! And such beautiful heartfelt words Nat! The passage of time runs so quickly, but at least you're documenting it beautifully!

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