Siblings 2015 – June

June already – how is that even possible?My little trio have been bouncing off one another the past month, some times literally! They have been playing so much outside, our little trip to the beach for Halle’s birthday, trips to the museum, park or just light evenings in the garden. They have been spending so much time together like they always do but make the most of it more so at the weekend when there are no schedules to follow. I just look at them everyday and find myself almost crying all the time! In a lovely way most of the time as I am so proud of them, so happy that they share this magical siblings bond, but also grieving at how fast they are growing. I sometimes sit and wonder what they will be like when as they’re growing, whether they stay as close as they are, will they be loyal to one another, will they have all the fun still. This is one of my all time wishes, is that they will forever keep this bond. When I look at them playing together – don’t get me wrong we do have a lot of ‘clashing’ moments between the girls as they are so alike, yet different at the same time – but over all, they genuinely love being with each other. You can see in some of our films just how beautiful their bond is, and I’m so thankful that i document & preserve these moments through photos or videos.

I’ve mentioned before that whenever one of them isnt around – the other notice. They will still play together but you can tell that they are itching to have the other(s) back in their presence. The past few weeks, I’ve noticed that the girls are building such a lovely way to play together, they work out any disagreements in a better way (as opposed to Halle just flipping out or Yve’s shouting). But I think the ages and stages are coming into play and are helping this. Halle is becoming more in control of her emotions for her age, and Yve’s is continuing to be very patient at those times of development differences if that makes sense? Its such a beautiful thing that they are so close in age yet there will always be that little divide which can be tough when you’re 4 and a half and just three years old.

The girls still completely adore their baby brother so much, they love to ‘mother him’, guide him (sometimes into the making mud pies scenario!), and to show him things they love to do in which they want to include him in. There are times when he is completely bull-dosing their carefully set up games – but thats to be expected with his age but they handle it well and then I show him something a bit more age appropriate just so its not soul-destroying for them if they’ve made so much of an effort to build something, draw something etc. He loves to snuggle his big sisters, and often falls asleep while doing so, Phoenix is also getting really interested now in our ‘bed time family stories’ – one of my favourite things, ever!

As much as I had faith in our little family, I naturally had those worries when expecting our second and third babies, how it would effect Yve’s or how our third baby would effect the girls, but they have put all those concerns aside and reassured me that they are made for this life, I don’t think they would have it any other way, as much as they have their fickle squabble moments – they worship the ground each other walks on.

My beautiful and magical little trio.

(Here’s some iphone pictures, and some ‘big cam’ ones from our recent days including the beach!)

My three treasures.
I’m one proud Mama.
Mornings at the park with this duo while Yve’s is at preschool.

Being chased by Daddy
I can still hear them giggling here
Sharing opening birthday presents
Exploring together
As much as they enjoy one another, they love to play independently too.
I was in the living room and saw them doing this while enjoying their home made pizzas in the garden, heart melt.
I love catching them when then don’t realise i’m there.
She adores her big sister

Evenings in the garden are the best
dear beautiful
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4 Discussion to this post

  1. Carie says:

    Aww they're all lovely photos but that secret hug during supper is adorable – it needs to be on the wall!!

  2. Love all the photos and the beautiful threesome dynamic – I'm considering a third child at the moment and you are definitely selling it to me! x

  3. So gorgeous and I love the hug! Also Yves dress with the heart cut out is gorgeous, I would wear that myself haha! x

  4. He is getting so big and they all look so close. They have such a lovely relationship x

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