Loving the little things 2015 – 25/52

Happy Friday everyone! 

Wow, What an amazing time I had at Blogtacular last Saturday! I’ll be putting my thoughts in a full post very soon but for now I will just say it was so inspiring and completely wonderful to have met so many lovely people, particularly those who i’ve been speaking to online for a while now!

Side note: We’ve been having some beautiful weather here lately too, sunshine with a cool breeze!

We’ve not decorated the bedrooms yet, but for now we have created a little peaceful reading nook. Its the place where we relax during the afternoons, and doing stories or having big snuggles before bed.


Kind of falls into the ‘made’ category, but I also watched this movie I made from our trip to the museum last last week. 

I’ve also watched so many wonderful talks at Blogtacular! 


We heart converse, especially matching ones.
A new top and comfy black skinnies for Blogtacular… and a whopper blister before I even got there!
Yve’s has been super glued to this back pack most days, she cracks me up and reminds me of myself as she crams so many ‘needed’ things in there such as her diary, pens, barbie shoes, one of Daddy’s football trophies and so on, She is also really into choosing her own outfits the past few months, and has to plan them out the night before, not forgetting her socks and shoes combo, They have so many beautiful clothes that I sometimes think ‘oh please wear them! and not the same thing all the time, but allowing them the freedom to choose really is lovely too, especially if they’ve developed a favourite dress, or top. I remember this a kid, my Dad would just let me wear what I was comfortable in, mostly tomboy clothes from around the age of 7! And what i’ve found the past few months, is that theres no point getting frustrated about the string willed opinions (even if they melt down if the wanted item is in the wash).. because they change their mind and preference all. the. time! One week its ‘only up tops, and naked legs’, the next week ‘down tops and skirts with socks’ and so on!

Photo credit: Yve’s!
Love this floral top, it was warm on Thursday so I wanted to wear something other than my skinny jeans, and this skirt covers my ever so ghostly legs and goes with this top, a very comfy combo. (even if my legs look really awkward in this photo? lol) H’s little jumpsuit was a charity shop bargain a few months back, she loves it!

I absolutely love this, made me well up. This is why I love to document our little life, something magical to look back on. I’ve been thinking so much lately about LJPL’f future, a change in dynamics that will hopefully result in a better balance with the way I do this for our family.

We’ve made the most delicious but probably not so healthy flapjack
Home made hot chocolates were a must on Wednesday, including my secret ingredients πŸ™‚
Added my mark to the Annie Sloan board at Blogtacular πŸ™‚ I also made my own business cards prior to the event!
(Im not quite sure whats going on with the sizing of my images, damn you blogger!)


AND… I finally got to meet the wonderful host of the little loves, Morgana – what a beautiful lady, and so friendly too πŸ™‚ 

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8 Discussion to this post

  1. That top pic is so gorgeous!

    I am sit here in tears after watching that Ed Sheeran video. Sob fest.

    Glad you had fun at Blogtacular, it does look amazing xx

  2. Alice says:

    Yves took a great photo there! I love the matching converse, so cute πŸ™‚ hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  3. Ahh it was so lovely to meet you darling had a blast. Love the outfit, skirt is darling. I love a good charity shop find too. Such sweet photos and video this week. #littleloves

  4. Emily says:

    Your babies are so darn cute! LOVED the museum movie!

  5. Aww I'm so glad you had fun, I know it was something you weren't quite looking forward to. Gorgeous photo's. Love the one of you and your little at the end x x #LittleLoves

  6. Cherry always has a bag full of all kinds of random things! x

  7. Blogtacular sounds so good, glad you had a great time and how lovely you got to meet Morgana! I want to know what your secret recipe is in the hot chocolate…..it's looks lip smacking! Love that picture of you and your daughter, and the three of them are so cute! Yeah to matching cons, I do this all the time with Amelia! Hope you are having a great week xxxx

  8. Loved meeting you at Blogtacular. Would be lovely to get the chance to have a proper chat with you though.
    Really enjoyed the bit about your children and their clothing choices, I have the same philosophy. I love them choosing their own clothes, even if it looks like a crazy jumble sometimes! haha
    Hope you're having a lovely week xx

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