Blogging and new friends.

I mentioned before that I was due to be attending my first ever blog event, I felt so nervous for weeks, wondering if i had made the right choice to go, was it for me? was I a valid ‘blogger’ in a room filled with people who were much more successful and – complete strangers. It was a very random feeling really as with all the nerves, I was also equally excited, very excited in fact. The fact that I was going to be in a place talking with people ‘like me’. Where talking so much about making something, taking photos until your hearts content, talking about other’s amazing blogs, others struggles, even your own, all the aspirations – all these things were the norm. I was so eager to get learning new things that will help me better my blogging journey, to meet new people and companies. Oh and to finally meet up with some of my favourite bloggers, the ones who i’ve been following and speaking to now for about a year and to know they are actually real people!

In all honesty I did have some thoughts that ‘what if it’s clicky’ or not as friendly as it seems online, too good to be true? but it couldn’t have been more the opposite, its an amazing, uplifting and positive community where everyone wants to see everyone succeed, how amazing is that?

Prior to going, A few months back a lovely blogger called Amelia from ‘Oh little one sweet’ & I were talking about both attending our first blog event and suggesting to meet up and make sure one another didn’t feel completely terrified. We’d never met in person, only spoken through social media and then text on the day. Its a really funny feeling really as even though you know their faces online, when you’re waiting to meet someone in ‘real life’ – its a very bonkers experience. I remember waiting in the big room filled with all people I didn’t know, then while i got chatted to some lovely friendly ladies Amelia tapped me on the shoulder and we both felt a bit relieved them to be honest!

Then when talking, one of my favourite bloggers that i’d never met in person came and said hey along with a friendly hug – Lucy, this lady is one of the kindest souls I have ever met, a complete gem. She made us both feel at ease and said not to worry, be yourself and get mingling, have fun! – her words calmed my nerves to say the least. Meeting the lovely Emily was such a highlight of the day – what a friendly and happy soul, she’s such a sweet person! and so positive about life, very uplifting! I was so chuffed to finally meet Katie – what a friendly and lovely lady! I’ve followed Katie’s blog since 2013 I think and it was so bizarre to meet someone who has been so supportive through the online world previous to this, she also has the best clothes ever! I also got to meet some more of my favourite bloggers Morgana, Jenny (Hope you have an amazing summer back home in the US love!), JessLucy, And Alison.. even if time was short for talking in between conferences! I was gutted I missed some other bloggers like the lovely Katrina from ‘Cool Banana’s, definitely another time missus, show me ‘landan taaahn’ another time, haha. Ah also gutted some of my other ‘bloggy’ friends couldn’t make it too but hopefully we can meet soon or at another event! …That was the only down point I think was that I didn’t get much time to talk to everyone I wanted to, but thank you so much for everyone who made me feel welcome! I could seriously talk so much more and mention so many others, you’re all ace.

I feel like I walked out of there knowing that I had made some wonderful, beautiful new friends that I will hopefully continue to talk to, share support with in this crazy creative world.

All because of this wonderful world of blogging.

– I’ll be writing more about my time at Blogtacular very soon, i’m still trying to process all the amazing information! –

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Amazing bunch of bloggers!

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  1. Ahhh, such a lovely post. It was so great to finally meet you, albeit so briefly. Conferences are always a bit crazy and intense and I never feel like I get enough time to speak to all the people I really want to. I'm glad you enjoyed you're first blog event… and now you've popped that cherry you'll be like an old pro from now on. x

  2. Ive just come home from Britmums so understand how you feel so overwhelmed! I'm glad you enjoyed it, so much to gain from them!

  3. Such a great post! I'm still new to blogging and haven't yet been to a conference, but they seem so daunting. It sounds like you had a great time at blogtacular, and met some wonderful bloggers – the fact that everyone is so friendly fills me with optimism for attending conferences in the future! xx

  4. Clarina S says:

    Sounds like you had a great time! Last year was my first one, and I was so nervous, but also found everyone was so lovely and friendly and welcoming! Was sorry to miss it this year, but hoping to be back next year!

  5. Ah how lovely! I'm determined to get to Blogtacular next time, it really is great to meet people in person isn't it xx

  6. It looks like you had such a great time, I'd love to go next year x

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