Birth stories – All different but equally worth it

I’ve been thinking for a while now about my own linkys, I have my let them be little series which is going to have a slight change in dynamics with regard to the regularity, and i’v also been thinking about a one off link which will stay open so that people can join when they feel is relevant.
Birth stories – All different, but equally worth it.
I’ve been thinking about creating a space where mamas-to-be, new mamas or any mama for that matter to come and share their birth stories, read others, relate to someone, and know that not one of us have had the same experience, or maybe that some are more similar than we thought. I want to create a place where people can feel relieved to share & read similarities, good or the not so good experiences, a place where honesty of childbirth is available. 
Growing a little life inside you for 40 weeks is the most remarkable thing, then to go through one of the most incredible and empowering (albeit very painful!) experience is something that you’ll remember for a life time. That first moment when you realise its actually happening, the trying to keep the nerves at bay, imagining cradling your baby all safe & sound, the amazing sound of your babies first cry, the moment you see your partner sob with so much love, feeding your baby for the first time, having them squeeze your baby finger, and that first night alone together feeling your baby breathing sweetly on your chest. all these things I love to remember, and never want to forget.
Along with all this, we all know that childbirth is tough, painful and really tests your will power and above all mental & physical strength. I was very fortunate to have had three great natural labours (even though my first did go a bit pear-shaped afterwards with a rather large blood loss after the initial birth). I haven’t written about the girls births here as i hadn’t started blogging yet but have them in my hand written diaries. I did write about my little fella’s birth here
Creating life and giving life is one of the best feelings in the world, fancy sharing your story? 

(You can post as many times that is relevant to you), old or new – I really look forward to reading your posts!

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  1. Such a sweet idea. I always love reading birth stories so I will keep stopping back to see any new ones that pop up. Off to read yours now…! x

  2. My two birth stories couldn't have been more different! Obviously both amazing in their own way though as I got a baby at the end, now I'm feeling broody! x

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