My favourite Breastfeeding books – National Breastfeeding Awareness week 2015

I believe that its a matter of quality rather than quantity here. When I became pregnant, and throughout my breastfeeding journey, I bought numerous recommended books only to realise the fact of that I needed to do what suited me, us as a family. These books summarise this in such a great way. And when we went on to have our second and third babies, we introduced some books that would help them understand the whole breastfeeding thing, and particularly as it was something they were doing leading up to the birth of their new sibling. I can honestly say that I wholeheartedly recommend these books to anyone who wants to try their best a a breastfeeding journey, nourish your baby with all the love and affection and to really remember that each of our journeys are completely different!

I absolutely love this book. I spotted it at my local Baby cafe when feeding my first baby. The pictures, the hand-draw type scenario’s hit home to me and I often giggled to myself at how it related to me, and probably many other breastfeeding Mamas. I love how simple, clear yet very informative with funny little illustrations to brighten the mood when talking about the dreaded Mastitis or cracked nipples.
I can’t recommend this book enough, my absolute favourite!

The Womanly Art Of Breastfeeding

The Mother library of breastfeeding info right here, anything you need to know, any stage, issues, stuff you never even knew existed – you’ll find here. I was recommended this book by my partners cousin who is a volunteer at my local Baby Cafe (my favourite place in those first ten weeks of my first breastfeeding journey – horrendous pain). She was my rock, and also encouraged me within time to go on the ‘breastfeeding peer support course’ as she thought i’d suit it so well seeing all the things I had overcome in my breastfeeding journey so far. I did this course in the Spring of 2013 and loved every minute. I wrote about my experience here, here and here. Over all this book I think is a very informative and gentle read for all.
We like to nurse
This book is utterly delightful. I got this book after I had little Phoenix, the girls were both breastfed up to the ages of 13 months and 15 months but as they were that little bit older they were fascinated when watching him nurse. Especially Yve’s, asking questions about milk, where it comes from, who else feeds this way. I saw this book on someone’s Instagram feed I believe, and I knew I had to get it. I just love the simple and lovely descriptions, illustrations and sweet nature of this book. It makes sense to very small ones, inquisitive toddlers, preschoolers, and even adults who may see breastfeeding as ‘out of the norm’. It simply puts the normality and loving gesture of breastfeeding in a true form for all to understand.

The mystery of the breast
This is such a sweet little book, and is wonderful to read to your little ones who are full of questions about why and how you’re nursing. It has so many parts which you can relate to as a nursing parent, family member or when thinking about how your nursing baby must feel when sharing that bond with you! The illustrations are beautiful too.

And finally, one of the best books I have ever got when helping your littles to understand the whole breastfeeding journey is…to make your own photo book! We have quite a few books now that include an array of images from each of my babies feeding in lots of different places, holidays, day trips, etc and it makes it a little more simple for them to associate feeding to their own little memories or sometimes lack of where they are still quite small. They love to look at how they were when they were feeding, trying to guess which photo is who etc not only that, it’s a magical memory book for you to cherish once your baby has weaned too. 🙂


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