Let them be little – Not all those who wander are lost

Seeing things through the eyes of a child must be something so fascinating, magical and yet so simple.
Everything is new, everything is worth learning about and more importantly, everything is worth the exploration. In a world where everyday life is the biggest learning tool I love to watch my littles grasp this.
A few weeks back I wrote about a little hot chocolate date Yves & I enjoyed together, the short hour or so was enough to connect with one another, one-to-one and really ‘be in the moment’. We have this lovely little nature reserve about 5 minutes away from our house, so whenever we walk to the shops, this is the route we take. Except on this day we explored a little more, took a closer too at the little swamp, and Yve’s insisted on showing me her best balancing over it.
Strolling through the field, I watch as she was on the hunt for the prettiest flowers to collect, sniffing all the different smells, feeling and looking for the best bunch of cows parsley, doing all this while wearing H’s little ‘Anna’ cape teamed with her favourite ‘minty’ dress and jellies. Its funny at how a familiar place can reveal hidden treasures each time you go there, memories are made and even remembered. Watching as my sweet girl was wandering around, exploring her surroundings is something so simple yet incredibly pure. She is seeing the world with fresh eyes, a hunger for learning and the inquisitive soul just roaming freely.
Allowing our children the freedom to explore their surroundings is paramount for their learning, building awareness to that which is all around them. Letting them be those cautious little souls, asking the questions, rolling in the grass amongst the flowers, listening to their giggles of delight, and waiting for the best bit when they ask if they can walk together, talk about what they’re seeing, what they have found, all while wanting to hold hands.
Hand in hand, Mother & Daughter. 

I’ve mentioned before and have tried a few things that blogger is destroying my images! but for now… if you fancy linking up, i’d love to read 🙂 
Little Jam Pot Life
Little Jam Pot Life
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  1. What a lovely post hunny. So true not all who wander are lost, I think MM fits into this category of needing to be free and have space to learn about themselves and be curious with the world. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  2. pixiedusk says:

    Awww a lovely post. I love the photos and the idea for the linky! #sharewithme

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