Loving the little things 2015 – 26/52

Happy Friday everyone!

I have lots of new posts coming very soon including my experience at Blogtacular, it’s just all been a bit busy! so… A week of lovely things.


I’ve mentioned before about how I love A Beautiful Mess blog, and that a few months back, I purchased their ‘Blog life’ e-course. Its self-paced, and they also encourage you not to read it all in one go as this gives you more time to think about each gradual step for your blogging journey. I highly recommend!


I find Lucy’s blog fascinating, and especially this ‘no poo’ philosophy. My hair is a nightmare at the moment, and my skin for that matter. I love natural products and really want to venture into trying more DIY ways, as the expensive crap just isn’t working! her travel & parenting posts are wonderful too!


My ever so comfy gold sandals, similar to the birkenstock sole and my lovely print top in one of my favourite colours.. oh and the jeans because I’m yet to bare my legs in public this year!
The girls got some new dresses last week so they wore those at the weekend. Hal’s is Next, and Yve’s is a Ralph Lauren that has the most gorgeous cut out back on it, I seriously would get away with it in an age 16years! 
The weathers been funny this week hasn’t it? So I’ve made sure jumpers have been in the boot just in case!

The weather was very sunny yesterday morning, which meant shorts tee’s & hats for these guys! Their little bond is growing each day 🙂


You may have heard this song feature in a recent instagram film of mine, we love to boogie and be silly in the car!

The girls wanted to make their own perfume using little pots, water and flowers they picked from the garden. “Minty lavender daisy”.
An English breakfast… for dinner (i know I know but it was a one of! and I reallllly fancied it, plus everyone scoffed the lot!)

Home grown flowers.


Love this saying, completely true.

So this evening we had little trip to A&E. Little H has fractured her elbow playing on the climbing frame in the garden. She was such a brave, relaxed and happy girl while waiting to be seen and even told me that ‘she was so excited’ to be there, bless her. Quite bizarre really as at the same age I broke my arm too, but I stupidly fell out of a window!

Hospital appointment tomorrow to see how they want to fix it, They said because of her age she will heal regardless, kids are so resilient aren’t they, amazing.

 hope you all have a wonderful week.
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16 Discussion to this post

  1. Oh bless her, sounds like a very brave little girl. Hope her elbow is ok.

    That e-course sounds really interesting, might need to check it out! Loving the pics, I know want a Nutella and Go though ha ha xxx

  2. That e-course sounds like something I my be interested in! Love the god sandals AMD your top! The home grown flowers are gorgeous! I remember making my wn perfume with rose petals as a little girl, its so lovely to see kids still doing that! Have a lovely week and hope your little girls elbow heals quickly xxxx

  3. Bless H! Hope it all goes well today.
    And I have to say there is nothing wrong with breakfast for dinner – especially when it looks that good. I'm not surprised that they ate the lot! xx

  4. I love your family photos. The simplest times are often the best – love the laying on the grass pic. Have a lovely weekend x

  5. Poor little H! Really hope she is ok!! Hope it all goes well today.. Full english for breakfast?! Oh there is nothing wrong with that in my book! Looks delicious! Hope the sun shines for you this weekend! xx

  6. Clarina S says:

    Poor H… What a little trooper! And that perfume looks delightful!

  7. Ah poor H, hope she's doing okay xx

  8. Sara Tasker says:

    Adored this! Always do, of course x

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