Moving home and taking time.

Since moving to our new home back in April its been a complete whirlwind. We’re still at the point of having boxes in places, cupboards full with stuff that needs sorting, piles of things that need decluttering, the last tenants decoration still visible throughout the house other than the kitchen – which Mr T & my brother fitted about a month ago.. and the list goes on.
We’ve ‘made do’ with certain areas of the house like the littles ones play room, a temporary story corner in the girls room and the garden so far. But some days where we’re home most afternoons I find it all gets a bit much – for us all. The boxes have little hands exploring them, my workspace is exposed to more of those little hands and all those ‘things’s that need decluttering just end up everywhere. I’m not going to be silly and say I expected it to be any different, as moving home is a big deal in itself not to mention doing it with three kids under the age of four and a half included into the equation! Mr T works extremely hard every day and still comes home to get things done, I try my best to help by doing some in the day but most of the time it gets abandoned as the littles are trying to ‘help’, or i’ll find that one of them are doing something they shouldn’t in another room – like helping themselves to the huge block of freshly bought cheese on the side, or deciding to re-arrange all of my notes & paperwork or my favourite – to ‘test out the efficiency’ of my brand new sharpie markers on anything that shouldn’t really have pen on……eeek. you get my drift. Its not all doom & gloom as slowly (but surely), we are seeing the progress of our ‘home sweet home’ style peeping through and revealing itself in the kitchen so far, and its a nice place to be. So yeah it can get pretty hectic behind that lovely looking Instagram photo of mine showing a cup of tea in the tidiest corner of our house, (hehe)…
We have so many wonderful plans for our place and I tend to always use the term “we can’t wait to….”, but in all honesty – it will get there but within time, and i’m going to try my best in remembering that every time it feels a little overwhelming, a little less us.

It’s going to take a lot of work but theres no point trying to reach the destination without enjoying the fulfilling journey prior to that.

Linking up with the lovely Katie at Mummy Daddy Me.

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  1. It will take time but eventually you will have a beautiful little home that will be perfect for your family. Loving the kitchen, it looks gorgeous. I hope you will share some more of the rooms once they have done- I would love to see! xx

  2. Aby Moore says:

    What a lovely kitchen, I am glad it is coming together for you x

  3. Like Katie says, it does take time to make a house a home. We have been in our house over 4 years now and we are still doing lots of bits as and when we can (pennies permitting mostly!) but Rome wasn't built in a day as they say! Your kitchen and dining area look so lovely. It's more fun doing home renovation stuff gradually I think! A xx

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