Living Arrows 2015 – 26/52

A walk to the park, taking in fresh air and being aware of all thats around you that you’re thankful for are the things that can make a day go from being a little upside down to very stress-free. Allowing your littles and yourself to have that change of scenery, a little space & time to be free. Free to explore the world they live in, climb as high as they want to, run as fast as they can and jump like a bunch of crazies. Even if its a little walk to your local park – its always a winner for us when it gets a bit much being indoors. And as much as we love to be in our home sweet home, we also thrive as a family being outdoors with nature and watching as the little ones imaginations open wide to new thoughts and discoveries. 
My beautiful blonde bombshell, such a whirlwind of emotion, confidence and love from this one, definitely going to hold a strong mind as she grows. I just love the innocence and purity of this image, defines her so well.
Mr Charming with his sweet lashes, this boy is 100 miles an hour and thrives on exploring anything & everything, following his big sister and loves to be in the game. Such an adorable little soul.
Exploring the scent & texture of an orange peel – imagine the wonder from a one year olds perspective!
My beautiful Miss four wearing her most favourite pair of socks that recently she loves to wear with every single outfit, bless her. She is really into her clothing and finding her own little quirky style, is was a bit testing at times when she would get so angry if something was in the wash and not ready, “no leggings, or down tops” or if it wasn’t weather appropriate etc but i’ve realised that theres no point stressing or trying to dictate to suit what I think as at this age, they will go ‘in & out’ of phases a million times and to be honest, its brilliant watching her explore her own thoughts. Embrace it I say! I watch her sometimes and have to fight back the tears at how proud I am of her, & how fast she is growing, how impressionable she is – like a huge sponge eager to learn and know it all, an infectiously happy, thoughtful and loving girl. 
She was so excited that she won a race at preschool last week, that her socks helped her win, (not these ones though, the other favourites that are white frilly ones!)
Why not join in on this wonderful & inspiring project where lots of us embrace and document our littles & their amazing souls. Every single Monday, this little community shows me so many inspirational things, so if you’re in need of a little ‘pick me up’ and love photographing your littles, Click the badge below!

Living Arrows
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9 Discussion to this post

  1. spanishmummy says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures #livingarrows

  2. Carie says:

    Aww they're such sweet photos – and I'm completely with you on the answer to everything being to go outdoors, it just seems to make life a bit easier somehow!

  3. Beautiful photos and lovely to read about your family 🙂 #livingarrows

  4. Amy Wharton says:

    What lovely photos. That first one especially is stunning, definitely frame worthy! Definitely agree with heading outside, best way to turn around a day when everything is going wrong. #livingarrows

  5. Emily says:

    I love these seriously cute captures! Oh those eye lashes and socks!

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