Me and mine – A family portrait project 2015 – June

 June has been a very busy month for us, we entered the month with a new three year old, Our little Phoenix turned 16 and a half months old and our Miss four and a half is growing up way too fast for my liking. We have been trying to keep patience and relax as much as possible as we’re undergoing lots of changes to our new home, my wonderful Mr fitted our new kitchen and dining area with lots of help from my brother, (I helped to paint it!) and Mr T has also now fitted a new bathroom. With him working full time, and having our three littles, we still have lots to do and have accepted it will take time. It can begin to feel quite overwhelming at times but I know that we will feel much better for it once its done but also one step at a time without stressing out.
Aside from our family life, I was really fortunate enough to have a day which was ‘all about me’ embracing my blogging passion and I attended my first blog event, Blogtacular. I felt so excited but really nervous at the same time, but meeting all those amazing new people and finally meeting my ‘online friends’ was such a great feeling, I walked away from there feeling very inspired to say the least. I still haven’t got round to fully processing all the fabulous information!
I’m really looking forward to the next few months, enjoying the summer with my family and looking forward to seeing my Lovely Nan in July. Yve’s is due to start primary school in September, we’re hoping to flexi-school for a while but we’ll see how it all works out! its been such a huge thinking point for me lately, so much so that I haven’t slept much, and have felt increasingly under pressure to feel i’m doing the right thing for our family. 
Here’s a couple of images actually from the end of May for Halle’s birthday in The New Forest (sssh don’t tell!), we’ve been so busy that we haven’t taken many family photos this month but these are close enough give or take a day! 
It was the end of a very long day, everyone was extremely tired but just look at the girls poses, ha!
Ah continuous shutter, I think i’m the only one who changed pose!
The obligatory outtake 🙂

dear beautiful
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