Fresh banana milkshakes and camping

Here in our home we are huge fans of anything home made. (This includes fresh banana milkshakes that we’re really enjoying right now ever since buying our Nutri-bullet) and setting up our ‘home made fun’ of camping out in the garden on a preschool night! So on Sunday, the girls decided they wanted to camp outside, we were all for it but didn’t think they would actually last all night! They had so much fun in there with Daddy, while Phoenix & I stayed indoors this time around. We’re getting all prepared for when we go real camping in the summer holidays. I think it’s safe to say that they will enjoy it very much so! Its things like this that I never want our little ones to grow tired of, creating the most fun out of a simple thing. At any given opportunity, we love to encourage them to explore, use their imaginations and ‘make their own fun’ so to speak. It was so adorable seeing their faces light up with excitement knowing they wasn’t sleeping in their own ‘normal’ beds, they got all their story books ready, special teddy’s, blankets, the lot! My little three thrive on anything adventurous, and I can’t wait to see what our real camping trip will bring in a few weeks time! 
I just love moments like these, when Daddy is home from work, all three of them over joyed every single time. Time with Daddy can be limited weekdays due to him working but when he’s home – they make the most of every sacred minute whether this is play fighting, snuggles on the sofa, playing gymnastics in the garden, or building a campsite in the garden – the possibilities are endless when you’re having fun with one of your favourite people.
Over the summer, we’re going to soak up as much family time as possible, embracing one another, being completely present in each moment and making sure we enjoy all of those moments of simplicity in between.

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