A date night with an extra sparkle.

So a few weeks a go Mr T’s sister performed in a dance show to raise money for ‘Blue Skye Thinking’. We couldn’t make the show as we were away for the day in Christchurch for Hal’s birthday surprise, but prior to this we did buy some of the raffle tickets to help with the fundraising, and I also contributed a photography session voucher – all for such a good cause, so please do check out the link above to find out more. 
So after the event, we were told that we had won a few prizes, one of them was to have a car for hire for the weekend until Monday morning, not just any car  – but a very flash Audi TT Quattro S line. Mr T decided to take me for a surprise date, surprise restaurant and to be a passenger in the very stylish car – result. Grampy came to watch the little ones for a couple of hours while we enjoyed our date night, we got a little bit unlucky as the place where he originally wanted to take me has shut for refurbishment, we literally drove outside and he was gobsmacked! We carried on driving, and came across a beautiful location that we had been to before last year, in the middle of no where, a stunning building, and absolutely amazing food. We were really impressed this time even more so than the last, and it was such a bizarre feeling as everyone was watching as we pulled up, probably wondering how on earth we could afford a car like that, ha. 
It was such a lovely evening. At the beginning of this year, we made a promise to make sure we made time for a date at least once a month, an evening, day, morning or whatever, child-free – just time to allow us to unwind, enjoy each others company, eat *hot* food, and remember that its important to nurture our relationship along with being parents to our little unit. It was kind of on a back burner last month due to lots going on at home, building work at the house and just lots of things up in the air at once, so it was definitely needed, and was just a one of extra ordinary evening to be travelling in such a flash car on one of our lovely and ordinary but definitely important date nights. 
I decided to leave the ‘big cam’ at home, to remember to just enjoy the moment without distraction. I did manage to snap a few on my iphone though, be rude not to! 😉

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  1. Sounds lovely, I agree, so important to make time for data nights

  2. Carie says:

    Oh how lovely, and the food looks pretty impressive too – what a treat!

  3. Amazing and what a lovely treat for you both- especially to have a posh car for an evening, that looks lovely. The food looks delicious too. You look like such a happy couple. x

  4. What a lovely evening! And how cool to get such an amazing car for the weekend too. I really must organise a babysitter so we can go for a date night before #2 comes along! xx

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