Fear and flying.

Life is a funny old thing. It can bring you the most amazing joy, yet can also enter you into a realm of sadness and tragedy. I don’t know what it is but as the years are going by I find myself becoming more and more aware of this. Maybe since becoming a mother of precious cargo so to speak. Maybe it’s all the things in the daily newspapers or maybe it’s just my evolving in life. 
Does life shape us? Are they inborn feelings? or is it all the people surrounding us, Influencing us?
The thing is, I want to wary, I don’t want to be naive but I don’t want to keep having these little (but huge) moments of sheer panic. Panic about the what ifs, things around the world, anything bursting our happy bubble of life. I want to be knowledgable but not let it burden my thinking and for that to effect me or how I raise my littles. I want them to go out there with no fear. Have a level head on their shoulders but to not be held down by little things that could potentially captivate their heart and souls in a negative way, making them live life in fear, missing out on the things that they love just because of that exact fear.

 The hardest thing to acknowledge in life is that there will be hard times, tragedy – I’ve been there.
It sucks the life out of you when you feel you have nothing else to give, it makes you feel pain like you’ve been hit by a bus and leaves you feeling completely confused about this funny thing called life.
Despite all that, I know there are so many people out there who are suffering a lot worse every single day, facing the bad, the confusing and evil all at once and thats what scares me, is if anything like that ever hits home again. Its a horrible feeling to carry, and it comes in waves, I do think it’s only natural when being a parent, all you want is for your children to lead a happy and healthy life without all the heart wrenching stuff that sometimes comes into the equation.

I guess this is just as the title says – when Sh*t gets real. Its plastered in front of you all the time on the news, in the papers, people talking – its everywhere. I prefer not watch so much anymore, and most of the car journeys we do I am singing along to ‘I am the music man’ with my little three rather than listening to the ‘news’. Enjoying our little bubble.

So, I am showing my littles to keep appreciating living life for now, of course having aspirations, goals in life and things to look forward to – what child doesn’t get excited about upcoming trips for example? but this is more focused on the things that could effect them later on in life, especially into teens and adulthood. I had serious confidence issues when growing up, and wondering what people thought of me, the ‘what if’s’ when really all this led me to was lots of ‘why didn’t i do’ thats.

I love this quote:

“What if I fall? Oh,but my darling,what if you fly?” ― Erin Hanson

I want them to approach life like there is no tomorrow. To wake up knowing how loved they are, knowing the abundance of possibilities there are in life, and if they come face to face with the not so good – to know they will never walk along that road alone. They will forever have me to hold their hand, be a shoulder to cry on and to be right their with them to comfort them, love them and kick whatever it is right in the ass for them.

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{Ordinary Moments 2015 – 29/52}

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  1. Brilliant post. The world we live in today does scare me slightly and I just feel like I need to keep in our tiny bubble of happiness without the media scare mongering us!

    Kay | http://www.mummyburgess.co.uk xxx

  2. For me I have the approach of 'Happiness is not a destination, it's a way of life', I want them to live each day happy and beyond that I can't ask for much more – living like there's no tomorrow is a great approach too, I hope they grow to get as much from each day as they possibly can x

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