Loving the little things 2015 – 30/52

I’ve really been getting stuck into the best parts of the ‘blog life’ e-book, it’s making me see more sense, open up my eyes with a fresh perspective on my blogging journey. I’ve made so many notes, plans, written down long term dream goals and it’s really made me feel more optimistic. I recommend any blogger to get it, and if you do, give me a tweet or something on how you’re finding it, would be fab to talk about. 
In times of self doubt, or when I’m craving a peaceful moment I resort to this lovely book ‘Heart thoughts’. It’s pretty spiritual, and just makes you realise your self-worth, and shows so much positivity. Who doesn’t want enough of that? 
Mr & I started watching the first episode of ‘the outcast’ on Bbc I player but I turned it off and decided we should watch it when it’s not bed time as I tend to get so emotional about things that involve either scary things, or just heartbreaking storylines… Sounds pathetic I know but since being a parent I just cry at everything, hence why I love my rom coms and chick flicks before bed… But I even sob and those behind the giggles….
Oh and I watched this….ah! he loves it though, my three little ones are fearless thrill-seekers!

I got these Zara trousers from the charity shop last week, but they need a lot of tumble drying to shrink them as once I wore them on this day they were so loose! argh, lovely though. and my top has lovely detail at the back with two layers and its open-back. bargain from TkMaxx.
I wore this outfit last night to our dinner date to celebrate our nine year anniversary! Such a beautiful riverside restaurant, we were going to do punting as well but it was getting a bit chilly as we opted to eat outside!.. Hence the indulgent hot chocolate.
Same but different. We love to take this walk to the park, cafe and charity shops, adds to the journey looking at all the pretty old buildings. 

I didn’t make these, so its cheating really but I must add that the littles must’ve sensed we had plans when going to bed as Grampy was watching them, and decided they wasn’t tired… We were an hour late I think so I’m happy to say we did ‘make’ our dinner booking!!

We have actually made lots of things with craft supplies at home this week, I haven’t taken many photos to share here as i’ve been too busy enjoying it with the little ones.


I felt really happy to have printed my freebie from A Beautiful Mess, and my Dad put his (very relevant) stamp on it, ha. Lucky we have the same humour!

So after such a busy weekend last week including a family christening, and a fantastic first week of the summer holidays, We’re going to be taking it easy this coming weekend. We may go to a local festival called ‘Peace in the Park’ but all depending on the weather I guess. This week has been so much better than I thought it would be, I mean everyone has the stressful days, but i’ve been using this time off to see how it would be if we get the option to flexi-school or full home school, we’ll take it as it comes. I thought the girls would’ve been so bored after one day but they have been so chilled and happy to be doing things at home that has included self-initiated play/learning. I’ve felt less like i’m racing against the clock and actually had a very productive week. 
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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10 Discussion to this post

  1. Alice says:

    What a lovely week 🙂 that photo of Phoenix flying is amazing..must give you heart palpitations though! Gotta love it when they have no fear. Happy Anniversary, looks like you had a fab evening out 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend xx

  2. I absolutely love that song, and its been playing on the radio loads, enjoyed reading your #littlelove post whilst listening to it. I love your top and those trousers seem like a bargain! I always walk past charity shops, but I really should just walk on in.. Have a wonderful weekend xx

  3. Eek look at that throw up in the air shot, so fearless. Your little date night sounds lovely. It's our ten year next week so we're off out tomorrow. Have a lovely weekend and hope the weather holds out! x #littleloves

  4. I think I have the same sense of humour as your dad too! Have a wonderful weekend lovely x

  5. Your dinner out looks amazing! x

  6. Happy anniversary! So lovely ye had a night out. That dinner looks so good.Have a lovely week.xxx

  7. Carie says:

    Oh wow flying Phoenix! What an amazing photo! And I'm glad you made your night out, even if a little later than planned!

  8. I love the photo of your little one in the air! I watched the Outcast too, it was very emotional wasn't it? Your food looked lovely. Have a great weekend x

  9. Such lovely photos! Looks like a fun and summery week. Happy Anniversary too, hope you had a great time, once you got to go out! Hope you got to go to Peace in the Park today, I had booked to go this Sunday, but the weather forecast looks awful. I went to last years and it was so lovely and chilled! x

  10. That picture of your boy is amazing! I love that you walk to the park, cafe and charity shops…that is my kind of thing! I love doing exactly that xx

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