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Since moving home back in April this year we have had so many plans for how we want to make it our own. One of the main things is that we want to paint the whole house white, now this took a bit of convincing Mr T as he thought that it would make the house seem ‘too cold’, I on the other hand saw it from a different perspective. To me it means starting a fresh with a blank canvas. From there, I want to then start adding personal touches by using accessorises, pops of colour dotted about in the form of furniture or furnishings.
In our old house (which I loved) I went for the blank rooms with a feature wall and at the time I loved it, but within time – I got bored. I like to switch things up a fair bit, not excessively but I like to mix up our home accessorises, or even suiting to the seasons, and mood to some extent. Another wonderful thing about painting in light colour palettes is that its a no brainer that it lightens the room, this is paramount for me and lighting, especially natural lighting is a huge factor for me, and also where I photography in only natural lighting its whats needed in our home. Light reflects marvellously, bouncing in from the windows or patio doors, and I have been gathering a little collection of some fabulous mirrors to help with this too – Happy days.
So, let me talk about window areas, when it comes to curtains, or blinds – we’re still yet to purchase our new ones. We’ve been looking at quite a few styles but I do want to keep with the neutral theme here as I think it would be such a pointless effort to keep changing the curtains or blinds to suit the changing accessories etc. I want to ensure that they’re of high quality, durable and easy to use especially when I want them to ‘sit well’ when being left open to allow that light coming in. 
That being said about beautiful lighting, I can’t stress enough at how important it is to have the relaxing ‘blacked out’ rooms when it comes to bed time, or to just create a calm atmosphere when wanting to relax, this is absolutely paramount with the bedrooms. I am one who loves the room to be dark, no noise and to just slip into a sweet slumber to Dozeyland. This is the same with my little ones, they thrive on having a quality nights sleep and I think the darkening of rooms is definitely a help. The girls love to still use their ‘twinkly lights’ dimmed, and little chap loves the room dark with this little Scout Dog singing lullabies to him, he literally lays there happily humming along before he drifts off to sleep – for now anyway and its taken us 16 months to get there 😉 
So I would love to invest in some curtains that have black out lining or maybe some made to measure black out blinds to go behind the curtains. These ones from ITZALA look great, and my Dad has actually fitted these ones before when installing VELUX windows, so I know they’re a reputable product. 
I am planning on doing a home sweet home series where I talk more about our plans, ideas and inspirations. but for now, here’s a little snippet into what I have been thinking about when it comes to lighting up our home, the natural way.
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  1. Clarina S says:

    Love this. Our whole house is white and I love it! You won't regret it one iota!!! Enjoy!

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