Me and Mine – A family portrait project 2015 – July

This month has been filled with so much joy, it’s now summer holidays and we’ve been the most relaxed since moving home, no rushing, doing what we want, when we want, to our timing. It’s been blissful in fact.
Usually our littles get on so well, but I do find that the more rushed life is, it becomes a lot more complicated, and they go in a kind of whirl wind and lose connection, deep connection as if. Since we’ve been relaxed with our plans, we’ve happily spent more time at home, no hurrying, the girls were in a little madness week the other week where it all got a bit much, they were squabbling over toys, and just being a bit bossy to one another, and i feel having a busy life can make this happen. Since we’ve slowed it all down they have re-connected, are back to being so loving to one another, and have been completely addicted to colouring in, crafting, and playing games together. it’s been so beautiful to see. I have really been enjoying this time with them, it may all change in September, and we’re not 100% on our plans just yet but for now, we’re slowing down this summer, soaking it up and embracing it.
  We’ve still been planning our home sweet home make over, enjoying ordinary moments as a family including moments in the garden camping, walks to nature reserves, reflecting on how our biggest girl is of ‘school age’ soon, and our feelings on that, we’ve been very lucky and enjoyed *two* child-free date nights, one for the simple fact of showing off the flash Audi car we won for hire for a weekend, and then we celebrated our nine year anniversary, they were both wonderful and i’m so lucky to have my Mr in my life, and our three beautiful children. 
This month also marked the time that my beautiful baby boy decided that he wasn’t that fussed about breastfeeding anymore, its a bittersweet end to an amazing journey but I am so thankful we spent such a wonderful time sharing it while it lasted, 17 months of our little combined journey. He’s growing up so fast as are both my girls, I really feel so much gratitude towards this magical bubble of ours, my amazing and lovely little family who I am remarkably proud of day in, day out. 
If you fancy watching our little film from this day, click here!
dear beautiful
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9 Discussion to this post

  1. Carie says:

    Oh what a sweet photo! And it sounds like July has been a lovely month for you

  2. Oh I love those photos, proper family snaps – and so outdoorsy too! I hope you have a wonderful August x

  3. Alex Gladwin says:

    Outdoor photos like these are my favourite! You all look so happy, beautiful picture. xx

  4. Gorgeous photos of you all and what a beautiful setting. Like Alex says, outdoor shots like these are the best 🙂 xx

  5. Amber Wilde says:

    That first photo is just GORGEOUS; what a lovely family you have.

  6. Love the outdoor adventures and the family captures here Nat so cute. #meandmine

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