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Story time has always bee a big love in our home. Reading stories to our unborn babies, to soothing them into a sweet slumber reading a gentle lullaby, learning pictures and small words with ABC books, getting to know things through fun and adventurous stories and not forgetting the fairytale and dream like imaginative books that we all know and love. Its also amazing at how as your children grow, their interests change with the specific stories, the age capabilities alter, and the attention span widens to reach the end of the book. 
Phoenix has come to the beginning of that stage where he realises what stories actually are, he not only listens to Mummy’s voice, he really enjoys the comfort that comes from having a story read to him. Each morning he will go and grab his ‘First farm animal encyclopaedia’, shout out to me, point at my lap and shuffle himself into a snug spot under my chin, wrapped into my arms ready to begin the little moment together. He also loves the books ‘Postman Bear’ even if he has ripped a couple of flaps in sheer excitement of what lies underneath each page, and The hungry caterpillar. 

The girls would sit all day and have story time. They love all their family members to grab a book, sit down and share that moment with them too, Daddy & I alternate bed time stories some nights, and others we do all together depending on how tired everyone is, but it’s something thats a huge part of our life. We have such an incredible selection, or ‘library’ as we now call it that there’s never a dull moment at story time. They sometimes set up their own story corners, library stations and adore books with each other while no one else is around, I believe that reading stories are one of the best childhood elements, so much so that it’s a huge factor for me in my adult life now. It enables you to get lost for a while, learn new things, see things differently, or when being a sweet innocent child – it enables you to fire up the magic in your imagination.

Now it that isn’t magical, I don’t know what is.
Little moments like these are my favourite, an everyday occurrence, sharing love and comfort through flicking through books as a toddler, choosing your favourites with your siblings underneath your reading nook or the best kind – reading stories together as a family.

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