Camping, foxy slippers and A pink Oompa Loompa – Little Loves 32/52


I’ve been reading just about everything on the wonderful Annie’s Mammasaurus blog lately, how inspiring is her work? so much.
I’ve also been enjoying reading one of my other favourite bloggers Me & Orla, her space on the web is just so whimsical, and plus she’s such a lovely soul to talk to.
Not a lot, no wifi really until Tuesday as we were in The New Forest, which was actually quite nice to switch off. The girls & I watched Inside out again, what a clever film!
Comfy foxy socks while camping
Apparently their favourite bit of camping was snuggling up all cosy in the tent!
My little chap has grown so much lately, time needs to slow down!
The beach is a happy place for me
If you’re following my Instagram, you’ll know what happened in this photo. Lets just say this little explorer is obsessed with Mamas make up, and wanted to make herself and Elsa barbie all sparkly. She was literally the pink version of an Oompa Loompa! I couldn’t stop giggling with her even if it was my best blusher… how can I argue when she watches me put it on each day! I’m glad she’s not demolished my MAC lipstick though (yet!)
Music by The Mama’s and Papa’s has been a part of my life since day one, I just love the talent that exudes from this incredible band.
We all ‘made’ a team effort to create our living space for the weekend when camping.
Look at that gorgeous evening light
My beautiful Yve’s made me the best rainbow fudge and cookies i’ve ever tasted too. I love my little ones imaginations, endless ‘cups of tea’, ‘baked goodies’, apple, mushroom with a hint of potato ”snooothies” – the lot, seriously could’ve done with some real rainbows cookies though this week after feeling so rough, definitely on our next real baking list!
This is what its all about right?
Oh, I was late on linking my post last week, but if you fancy reading what I got up to heres the link, there’s also a little film featured that I made as well about our family walk to a local nature reserve.
If you’d read my summer plans 2015 post, you’ll have read that we’re hoping to go to The Bristol Balloon Fiesta some point this weekend, all depending on if the Mr has to work! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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8 Discussion to this post

  1. Gorgeous little loves! The New Forest is fantastic isn't it? Lookike you've had a wonderful week, even with the oompah loompah incident! I'm off to have a read of your other post now. Enjoy the weekend lovely xx

  2. I love Annie's blog too 🙂 Camping looked great, we supposed to do it twice this year, one time being tomorrow, but we chickened out and are staying in a hotel instead now! You should def try and make it to the balloon fiesta, it's so good! x

  3. Your camping trip looks so much fun! I adore the Mamas and the Papas xx

  4. Mammasaurus says:

    Oh you little love muffin! Thank you – off to put Californian Dreamin' on myself now 🙂 x

  5. I love your camping area! So cute, we have just got back from camping and we seriously need to evaluate our camping style! Hahaha! Lovely little loves this week.. Have a wonderful weekend x

  6. Louisa says:

    Your camping looks so organised and well equipped. It makes me want to try it for myself!
    Annie's blog is great isn't it? Her photos are amazing.
    Happy weekend 🙂

  7. You can't beat a bit of camping, your little ones look so cosy, off to check out those blog recommendations, hope you have a lovely weekend x x

  8. Sarah Anne says:

    That picture of them all snuggled up in the tent is beautiful, they're going to have lovely memories!

    I actually had California Dreamin' in my head this week, I was singing it to my little one.


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