An ultimate feeling of Gratitude – Ordinary Moments 2015 – 32/52

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind in more ways than one for our little family, it’s been hectic, it included a first time experience camping with our little tribe (which was great but wow… washing piles galore!), still keeping up with the redecorating and well lets face it – completely gutting of our house to hopefully get to the point of it all feeling like our ‘Home sweet home’, there’s been a few surprises including a phone call regarding our school choices for Yves, She’s been selected to go to our first choice which we were so shocked about as the school is extremely hard to get into and the fact that theres only just over 140 pupils in the whole school. We’re happy but I still cant get my head around my first born baby girl is coming of ‘school age’ even though I still think it’s pretty young for them to start full time at that tender age regardless of their abilities – more on that soon! So yes, a few surprises…a couple of days where its all got on top of me, wondering if i’m making the right choices on things, am I giving the little ones enough of my time, Am I a good enough Mama for them, Am I a good enough girlfriend, Am I ever going to make anything of this bonkers but equally wonderful passion of mine called photography and blogging? all those things along with the everyday life have been swamping my brain, a tired brain at that. It can be so easy to get sucked in to believing that everyone is leading a perfectly normal life with no stresses, no backward steps, no worries but then its also easy to remember that despite all those moments of feeling like the world is on my shoulders – I am thankful for everything I have, and all those little elements that make me doubt myself aren’t important in comparison to what I have right now. 
I have my three beautiful little babies that I couldn’t possibly be prouder of, or love anymore that I already do, every single second of every day, with the biggest beat of my heart. They are my muse, my inspiration, my clarity. I have my amazing Mr T, He is a keeper thats for sure, and after 9 years of being together, we’ve been through so much, yet our love will always shine through. We have created those three incredible little souls and are living our happily ever after. When I think about all those people close to me who make my heart sing its those people right there, and that being said, I wouldn’t be the parent I am today without the guidance from my best friend, who also happens to be my Dad. He is such an amazing person, yet he doesn’t see just how marvellous he is, especially to me. I can count on him with my life, he’s the best Grampy to my little trio and they love him dearly. (and his ‘sweet shop’ in his work van!;) ) He’s shown me the way in which a parent should be with their children – to love them unconditionally regardless, and I will be eternally grateful to him, and my wonderful Nan who gave me the stability and love when growing up to enable me to be who I am today, the life partner to my Mr, and the Mama to my little three. Family is an important thing to me, those close to me know that 100%, and I love them dearly and others who take advantage of it, well then it’s their loss.
Life is about change.

When you go through these motions, its always better to know you have your rocks right there with you, just to ensure you stay afloat, to give you the strength to carry on, to hold your hand when you’re feeling uneasy, and to have that feeling that you know they will always be there for you whatever the weather.
So when I have those wobbles, the moments of self-doubt. the worries of what life might throw at me, I know that as long as I remember all those precious things I have – I know I’ll be fine. Life will continue to be one amazing journey.

The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.

No truer words said.

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  1. Aww this is so lovely Nat, you write so beautifully. I totally get this, I often have so many moments of self-doubt. Of wondering if I make the right choices, or if I am doing the right thing in terms of being at home so much. It's certainly made me feel better reading this, and it's made me realise that many other people also have feelings of self doubt. You have three gorgeous little children who clearly love their mama dearly and it's clear to see how much you and T love one another xx

  2. Ah this is so lovely Nat. I get what you are saying in this post completely. And amazing news about Yves school, it's so weird that the exact same thing happened to us. Hopefully our littlies will thrive at their little lovely schools! x

  3. Donna says:

    Family is just so important and it sounds like you have a lot of people to care about but once that are there for you right back too. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend x

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