Stories, Cath Kidston, and DIY washing lines – Little Loves 33/52


I haven’t had much spare time to fit in some of my reading to be honest, but we’ve been looking at some of the little ones books, here’s some favourites at the minute. I find it really bizarre reading Winnie the Witch to my littles as I loved it when my Nan read them to me as a kid. She use to work very high up at Oxford University Press where they’re published so use to get me them all the time, we even met the author and illustrators once and got signed copies! How often do you read with your littles? I wrote recently about Phoenix’s obsession with two together books as well, it’s safe to say we love stories!


The Emmerdale crash, and then I looked on Youtube of the love triangle events leading up to it. It was really good to be fair considering I haven’t watched it in years!

I also took the little ones to the cinema to see ‘Home’, Phoenix slept through the whole thing almost and we then had lunch with friends. 


Mummy daughter date including us all wearing our Cath Kidston bags. Mr T came home Friday afternoon with a lovely surprise for me in the form of Cath Kidston shopping bags. He got me a new bag, some stationary and beauty tool kit, I was so chuffed 🙂
The weather has been up & down but on the sunnier days, the girls have been wearing some of their lovely dresses. I wish this one was my size.


My Dad introduced me to ‘First Aid Kit’, love the vibe.


A rather boring dinner but one we love, jacket potatoes with numerous fillings including my yummy spring onions, peppers and seasoned tuna one.

I’m someone who loves being at home, and lately I’ve had so much going on that its just been what we need. And sometimes when the little ones are asking what they can do next, I feel that when it’s something like what Mummy does they enjoy helping. so here’s there mini washing line that occupied the girls for ages and I think they felt quite proud to be hanging their own washing.


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  1. Louisa says:

    Your mini washing line is clever. Peanut stands on a chair to help me hang the stuff out and always falls off! I was glued to Emmerdale last week and shed rather a lot of tears. Why oh why did they kill off sexy Ross? I love jacket potatoes, your tuna filling looks tasty. Have a lovely week x

  2. The nature book looks so cute, i can see why they love it! First Aid Kit are great, your dad has the best music taste! Their older music is easily is good as the new songs too! Have a fab weekend xx

  3. Loving the sounds of First Aid Kit, off to check them out x

  4. Sometimes all I can think about is eating a jacket potato and tuna. There is something so warming about them. What a lovely idea with the washing line! Lovely, lovely dresses! x

  5. Aw what a lovely Mister you have! xx

  6. Donna says:

    That washing line idea is genius!! Have a lovely weekend x

  7. I love First Aid Kit, they always chill me out with their beautiful harmonies.
    Your mister is definitely a keeper, bringing those Cath Kidston goodies home, so lovely! xx

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