Siblings 2015 – August

The past month has been busy, full of surprises and managing to fit in some quality time with these three. We’ve had our camping holiday which im going to write about very soon (im behind on everything due to my computer breaking!) we’ve had lots of days out and then the long process that is revamping our new home. So as it’s been summer holidays we’ve made the most of this time at home not having to be anywhere, no rushing for anyone or anything and you know what – these three littles haven’t been so chilled in a long time. Of course we have our days of madness, tears and stressful feelings but the girls especially, where theres been less rushing, they’re just content in what they have at home, or whenever we go out as a four (as Daddy still works full time in the holidays, boo).
Most mornings since the summer holidays, we’ve been waking up still rather early, but they’re happy doing crafts or colouring in before breakfast then playing their little role play games throughout the day. It’s still pretty hectic at times as its to be expected with three littles aged 4 and a half, three and almost 19 months. And they get on so beautifully anyway, but like I said, as we’ve had no schedule really its been more relaxed. I do have those days where I want to be doing more, of want to be doing everything all at once, making every single day fun, for all of us, but along with having the littles at home – this comes with mess, and a back log of my blog up to my eyeballs. so theres be stress on my part in some ways but i’ve been thinking about it all in a different light lately, there’s more important things than worrying about the things that can wait.
Mr T & I were watching them play beautifully earlier in the garden, talking to one another, holding hands, picking each other up if one falls down, guiding baby brother to where he can find his ball, helping him get the cars out the mud, watching his little face look right up to theirs with such love. and it sounds cheesy but we just looked at each other, let out content sighs and just smiled. Watching our little three grow together, learn, blossom and bond with each other is something we are so grateful for. Even in those moments when they get cross with one another or when Phoenix grabs one of their toys as he doesnt quite get the sharing stage at the minute – they always sort it out. it may take a little riff raff sometimes between the girls shouting that they’re ‘not invited to their birthday party anymore’ but they always sort it out and rekindle their love.
As a family, we’ve had a lot of change in more ways than one lately, but we’ll get through it all together like we always do, these three are a blessing to us and they make us ever so happy.
Our little unit.
Our happily ever after.
Nutty faces, drippy ice creams, scruffy favourite socks and giggles.
A quiet moment playing Barbies in their (not yet decorated) bedroom, blissful.
Our bedroom hasn’t been decorated yet so excuse the rough picture, but this is what my girls love doing a lot of the time… rummaging and rearranging, and trying on all of my clothes then jump on the bed like crazies!
Playing a little game together in the wigwam
DVD snuggles on the sofa
Afternoons in the playroom
dear beautiful
*I wanted to add that if anyone using blogger has any tips on how to correct the colour in my images back to how I actually process them I’d love the help. I’m really thinking of migrating to wordpress ad they look so bad in comparison to on my computer files! x
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13 Discussion to this post

  1. So many lovely sibling moments here Natalie, gorgeous! Love them snuggling up for a DVD together, and the wigwam one, and their cheeky ice-cream faces. Just beautiful. The summer pace of life clearly agrees with you all. x

  2. Laura CYMFT says:

    Such lovely photos. They look so sweet together.

  3. Lovely photos. I think they capture the small but beautiful moments of family and sibling life beautifully!

  4. I love the one of the back of them in the playroom and so many sweet sibling moments captured. I've loved writing my post this month as we've had a tough few weeks but it doesn't really matter when we are all together, I look at what we have and feel so lucky. You are obviously the same and those three children of yours really are so beautiful xx

  5. Jodie Fisher says:

    These are some lovely natural photos. So cute.

  6. Oh how lovely – love the photos of them pottering and playing together. And the sofa and ice cream ones too.

  7. Colette B says:

    Love the ice cream shots – they're just gorgeous!

  8. Ah I love these Nat- I love the one at the top with their silly faces and the one where they are all snuggled up on the sofa together. x

  9. Mammasaurus says:

    Happy happy faces full of character and a glint of mischief – love them all x

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