A little tot exploring, the Wolfie and Willow way.

A few months back I came across this wonderful brand called Wolfie and Willow, ‘little brother’ company to the fantastic ‘Inch Blue’. Now as a Mama to three littles, i’ve been through my fair share of shoes for babies, and not finding a proper pair that actually stay on for more than five minutes. When I had my little boy, he would live in socks or the lovely little hand-knitted booties my Nan made him which stayed on to a certain extent, that was until he started to be on the move. So after searching about for the new ones, I decided to make the investment, spend a little more and get his first pair of moccs from Inch blue. We went for the lovely colourful rainbow ones and to be honest, they still fit him now but they have been used to much that you can tell they look like they’re so old! 
So when the lovely Rhiannon from Inch Blue/Wolfie and Willow decided to send us some of her new mocc designs I was so happy that Phoenix would be strolling around the place in some super cool looking, yet ultra comfortable shoes once again.  I loved the simple yet chic packaging these came in, a lovely well presented and protective cardboard box personalised with the brand logo, and did I mention the logo is also stamped into the heel of the shoe – adorable! 
The thing I love most is that this is a small business that has grown into something wonderful, all handmade in Wales, Uk and the quality of them is something like no other brand i’ve come across so far for baby shoes. Stylish, durable, gloriously coloured by using vegetable tanning and 100% comfortable. 
The girls have both said to me that they want ‘mocc slippers’ for them too now where they think they’re so fab!

The leather of these shoes are unbelievably soft, perfect for tiny toes.

I think he’s super happy to be wearing such comfortable little shoes.

Check out their pages here: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

We were very kindly sent these by Wolfie and Willow and after much indecisiveness as all the colours are so lovely, we opted for the colour ‘Bruno’, you can see the whole range here, along with some new styles recently released.

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4 Discussion to this post

  1. They are absolutely gorgeous! I love moccasins and have got Zach a pair, although he is due to grow out of them soon so I need to get my hands on a new pair! xx

  2. Kerry Dyer says:

    They are such cute moccs!!

  3. Donna says:

    Those shoes are the cutest and he just looks so happy in them 🙂 x

  4. […] in sizes 0-6months to 5-6 years. I was very kindly sent some moccs back in 2015 where you can see my little feature on them here, but recently they have ever so generously sent me two pairs of their beautifully handmade moccs […]

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