Songbirds, Vlogs and thankfulness

I had a very lovely hand-delivery yesterday evening from Rosie at ‘Kinship of Oxford’. A local small business that I’m so pleased to be working with, more on this soon!


The girls used up the rest of their holiday spending money from Grampy to get some magazines, I haven’t read much to be honest, the odd page of my ‘blog life’ guide, and a few blog posts.

I’ve literally been going to bed so early each night as i’ve really not felt well at all. I have watched a few vlogs including these from two of my favourite bloggers: 
Hot Rod Show 2015 by Along Came Cherry. I love catching up with Jess’s vlogs, her little family always seem to be on the coolest trips, such a fun variety, and check out her vintage clothing outfits – fab! I’m also a huge fan of charity shops and love it when I find something extra good!
A day in the life at Camp Bestival 2015 by Lulastic. Love her blog, I loved watching this, and cant wait to do more festivals with our littles, probably next year now as this year seems pretty busy for us and we missed out on a local on recently. We may however be going to a foodie festival next weekend πŸ™‚
Phoenix has been wearing his moccs about the house, you can see my full in the previous post to this πŸ™‚
I’ve been needing a lot of calm soothing music this week, and this always does the trick. 
Mr T made these but he is the bed at them so very blog-worthy πŸ˜‰
We baked shortbread
The girls collected different coloured leaves from the garden to make some lovely flower pictures. You might be able t see on the right one that Yves spelled out ‘flowers’ as I sounded the letters to her. She’s loving writing at the minute.

Well this week has been rather testing, Mr T has been working late all week as he’s on a big contract, not getting home until past the littles bed times, I’ve been feeling poorly and when you have three little ones to keep smiling for can be tough. I’ve exploded porridge into a volcano, stubbed my toe, burnt toast black, Not only that, we’ve had lack of sleep this week with little Halle having night terrors and to top it off we had the worst moment of our parenting journey so far. We were in the bedroom, when we heard the noise that no parent should ever hear – him falling from top to bottom as I very stupidly left the gate open, to say I felt like the worst parent ever is an under statement, we both ran to try and get there in time but he was already at the bottom, shocked but miraculously okay. I felt broken and couldn’t stop crying or shaking. 
I had him checked over at hospital and not a mark on him, or internal issue. I am most definitely counting my lucky stars. He’s a lot more fast paced than them at this age, and they were fast! He’s into trying everything that the girls do at the minute which includes walking down the stairs, much to my horror. These things are so awful in parenting, one little error that could’ve been so much worse. 
Feeling thankful. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, tomorrow I will be spending the day with my lovely Nan who’s come to visit us for a few days from her home in Devon.

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  1. Oh my goodness, must of been awful for you to see little one at the bottom o the stairs!! Moo feel down as my husband was carrying H in his car seat and he felt utterly useless and both were shaken by the whole thing. So pleased he is ok! I love the flower pictures! So cute, and at first glance I didn't think they were leaves, I thought you had bought them! Love Eva Cassidy and that song is just beautiful, Hope you have a wonderful weekend xx

  2. Oh lovely, look we've all been there with moments like that and it in no way makes you a bad mummy. So glad he's ok. Don't be too hard on yourself.

    Love Eva Cassidy, though her voice makes me quite emotional too. Have a lovely weekend xx

  3. Oh you poor thing! Boys certainly know how to injure themselves, or at least scare us half to death at every possible opportunity!

    Love the pictures the girls did, they're fab! Eva Cassidy and pancakes, sounds heavenly to me! Hope you have a better week next week x

  4. Nat Jones says:

    Oh no bless you tha must've been so scary! Hope next week is a better week for you and you feel better soon xx

  5. I know exactly how you felt! The same thing happened me with Amelia when Harry was only a week old. I was in my own and she somersaulted down our whole flight of wooden stairs, landing on the tiles! I was shaking for the whole day! Thank goodness their little bones are still so soft and can take a knock (an adult would end up breaking so many bones!!)

    Love those pictures that ye made together, what a clever idea! Mm shortbread my favourite! Hope you have a much better weekend xxxxx

  6. Jo Nicholson says:

    Oh poor you, O fell down the stairs once (luckily it was only half way because our stairs turn) but I felt sick. So glad everything was okay. Those crepes look amazing.

    I love Eva Cassidy, I walked down the aisle to her version of Fields of Gold, she has such a beautiful voice. xxx

  7. Oh goodness, what a week! It is the worst feeling when they fall down the stairs, my little J fell half way down at the start of summer. These boys are no good for their mamas nerves! πŸ˜‰ On a cheerier note, isn't Kinship Oxford the best shop, I love everything that Rosie stocks, excited to hear more! x

  8. Wowsers, what a week. Hope your heart and blood pressure has returned to normal levels; that fall down the stairs sounds scary! Don't beat yourself up though, my kids both did it to varying degrees and were ok. I have a theory that kids are made of rubber cos they always seem to bounce back! Bless them! x #littleloves

  9. Feeling ill and looking after kids is the worst combination. I hope you manage to get some proper rest too! My eldest fell down the stairs when he was a similar age – I was far more traumatised than he was. He just cried for a bit and carried on! Don't be too hard on yourself. Lovely pictures by the girls – so pretty! xx

  10. I love the quote on your mantelpiece, and the girls pictures. Hope you're feeling better soon x

  11. Oh lovely, my eldest did that when she was little too. It's awful isn't it? But know that these things happen and you're not alone. I really hope you're feeling better this week, solo parenting can be so tough when you're not feeling 100% xxx

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