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I’ve written recently about my biggest girl coming of ‘primary school age’. And wow its making my stomach churn each time I think about it. I’m so proud of her and I know she will soar wherever she goes, and however she does it, its just that initial ‘letting go’ and saying goodbye to those first five years, the ‘golden years’. We’re still yet to hear about the prospect of flexi-schooling hours so who knows yet, but she’s asking lots of questions as we’ve had a sudden change in schools recently (She has been given our first choice which is the same site where she went to preschool but on the other side). I look at her and the baby elements are fading, her wisdom is developing and she’s slowly blossoming into a proper little girl, not necessarily a ‘girly girl’ but no longer that baby I was cradling and nursing to what seems just like yesterday. Its such a bittersweet thing watching your children grow, I am so thankful for her, and I want her to be brave in this life, I just wish I these years hadn’t gone so fast like it feels like it has. I’ve spoken lots before about my thoughts on schooling, and regardless of her abilities, I do think its still such a young age to start full time hours. and not only this, I so worried that her innocence is just going to disappear learning things she shouldn’t just yet, listening to older kids etc. I know this is possible anywhere, but when parents aren’t around, we know kids talk. The littlest things like the truth of the tooth fairy, Father christmas for a few examples. Or the worry of losing our deep mother-daughter connection as she will be spending time with others more than us, and the relationship with her siblings, will that change? I know this all sounds very dramatic, but I do have all the other thoughts that I had/still have dreams of doing home schooling or even part home-schooling if we get the flexi-hours, but for now I do need to feel like our choice is 100% and that we’re all happy with it. As I mentioned in a previous schooling post, its all about taking time and seeing how it all plays out. 
Silly i know, but its an honest thought from a very emotional Mama right now. My beautiful girl is growing up, and I want her to know that I am so very proud of her with every step she takes.
Images from a recent trip camping in The New Forest.
Why not join in on this wonderful & inspiring project where lots of us embrace and document our littles & their amazing souls. Every single Monday, this little community shows me so many inspirational things, so if you’re in need of a little ‘pick me up’ and love photographing your littles, head on over to Keri-Anne’s blog Gingerlillytea to link your post up this week, her site is such a beautiful portfolio of whimsical elements and stunning shots of her two girls. 
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  1. Lovely photos of your little one Natalie – you've captured this moment in their lives so well. When they're not just our little babies but before they grow into fully independent little people…. I feel your worries and the (literally) heartbreaking feeling of having to let go. I keep on trying to mentally capture moments, little glimpses of that innocence, pure love and devotion they have to us at this age, treasuring it knowing it won't last forever. <3 I hope you get to hear about the flexi-school soon! xx

  2. A beautiful post Natalie. She's such a pretty little one and you capture her so perfectly. I can SO relate to what you're feeling right now. I was so excited with my first but with my baby…it feels like it's all going to fast and I want to press pause! x

  3. Charlotte says:

    Oh, I have all this coming next year and already my head is swimming with it all! I know how you;re feeling a bit though, I think we all do when there's a big change coming. I felt it when I was pregnant with my son and I worried about everything concerning Betsy. It's hard, isn't it? I'm sure it will all be all right in the end though. Jolly good luck with it all. x

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