Baking, pretty skies and letters – Little Loves 35/52


My lovely Nan came to visit from her home in Devon, she also treated the kids to some new books including more Winnie the witch ones that we love! I’ve loved them since being a kid myself, my Nan also use to work very high up at Oxford University Press where they are published and met the authors too 🙂

So that being said, we wanted to write her a thank you letter, I wrote on a piece of paper and Yve’s copied. Her writing is so brilliant for her age and it made me so proud to see how happy she was with what she had done. it’s what she loves to do at the minute, write everything! Halle did her little drawing of Nanny too, cute!


I’ve been ‘watching’ some beautiful skies. Oh and Emmerdale, ha.

Warmer clothing as the weather has been a lot cooler, I don’t mind but I don’t like the ‘muggy head’ it leaves you with.

I’ve been listening to a new Ben Howard album, well not new really but his second one, its fab.


Need I describe? lol
I have been setting the girls up with some crafting more suited to their ages while Phoenix naps, and they loved making these people out of some old fabric cut offs.
I made dauphinoise potato bake.

and the girls and I made a victoria sponge without the butter cream as we ran out of ingredients, still tasted lovely and simple though.


We have so much going on lately, some of which isn’t that good. I won’t go into much detail but lets just say someone close to us and that we care about a lot is really poorly and its just a hard situation. All we can do is be there, continue to offer love and support, life can be tough and a wake up call right? 
we’ve also had a lot going on at home, Mr working 15 hour days, I’ve been a bit un well and its just all been a bit hectic the past few weeks. but as the picture says, i’m trying to see the lighter sides in dark situations. 
Donut worry, be happy. 
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  1. That bake looks delicious, I could totally eat that right now! haha
    Isn't Ben Howard good? Perfect chill out music.
    Sorry to read that someone close to you is unwell, will be thinking of you lovely xx

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