Audrey Hepburn, starting school, and health – Little Loves 36/52

I haven’t read much this week, so there’s not much to share.
This week I’ve watched Darcie Bussell- finding Audrey. Completely fascinating yet really tragic at how sad her life was at times despite all the fame. I adore Audrey, and was so glad to have heard about this programme by my Dad. And didn’t she have such gorgeous style and seemed to have a beautiful nature. 
My beautiful girls starting a new chapter, one in a uniform and another in nursery clothes. After lots of thoughts and emotional moments thinking about our education choice for Yves we have decided to follow her lead and give primary school a go. All we want is what’s best for her and to see her so excited and happy was enough for us to give it a try. Plus, it’s such a lovely little school, her class only has 20 children in so it’s very focused to each child’s interests. Plus, look at this face. 
I cried a few times! managed to hold it together saying bye, she was so smiley and excited!

The girls ‘made’ their own shop this week, they love my old keyboard to turn into a shop, library counter or computer. 

I feel like I’ve really slacked on my blog lately, but in all honesty it’s been needed as my health is more important. A few upcoming tests will hopefully give me answers, along with a close family member being very poorly it’s been a lot. Plus the emotions of my biggest girl starting school and just the whole preparations. Oh and to also mention, we now have about 6 weeks of internal and external housing refurbishments going to start Monday! Busy is an understatement, but we’ve had a great start back into a new routine and we’re taking one day at a time and I will say the same for blogging, as much as I love it and will continue to do it, I will prioritise as necessary. All in good time 🙂 
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  1. It sounds like you have a lot going on Nat and I hope you feel better soon. Always here if you need someone to chat too. Yves looks gorgeous in her uniform. x

  2. Oh, I adore that version of wonderful life. I heard it the other day and and I completely forgot to check who sang it, so glad you chose it this week. Your girls look super cute! So sorry to hear about your health and close family member, hopefully the test results come through quickly, much love x

  3. Aww look at Yves in her school uniform! So cute! How lovely that her class only has 20 children in it. That's a huge difference from the 34 i had in my year 3 class when I was teaching! Hope she's settled in really well. xx

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