Mud glorious mud

 Mud glorious mud.
Childhood to me always includes mud, i remember getting filthy as a kid, climbing trees, exploring the streams with my friends, building dens etc. These days though its what I love to see my littles doing, exploring their surroundings, such as – mud. They were playing out in the back garden a couple of weeks back when they came running in to say there was lots of water in the mud patch (where we want to start planting) next door were putting water around their garden but it came through to ours and it then filled this mud patch – much to the girls excitement. it started with a little tip toe in there, then came the jumps, followed by the simple act of sitting in it, then running around the garden absolutely bonkers shouting ‘we are scary creatures!!!’
They also then decided to strip off butt naked being the freedom children that they are, well it wasn’t that warm, and next door were in their garden so i asked them to put on some clean dry clothes even if it did get muddy again. simple pleasures like these are what make memories in childhood, seeing how they were in that moment was so special for me. Phoenix woke up from his nap in complete amazement then wanted to explore and see what was going on, he then had a little stomp in his wellies before falling right on his bottom, bless him!
Yay for mud!
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Living Arrows
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6 Discussion to this post

  1. Such gorgeous pictures x

  2. Such lovely fun photos! It's amazing how many happy hours little ones can spend playing in mud! x

  3. KARA says:

    Oh my these photos are amazing xxxx

  4. Carie says:

    Oh that is an awesome mud patch! What a wonderful moment and you just can't beat their smiles can you!

  5. Amy Wharton says:

    These photos are great! They scream childhood fun to me. Love them #livingarrows

  6. Oh this is so cute. I remember eating soil as a little but would probably screech out loud if G had done so! Eek. I remember making mud pies last summer, so much fun. We never got round to doing it this year. Lovely post honey #LivingArrows x

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